Theoretically, men can have, it is currently incredibly easy. If you are to speak in half a sentence, to equality, to get you dedicated a whole article. Men who take two months of Parental leave, to be celebrated as a great, progressive fathers, while women work for a few months after the birth of their child, suspected to be a career-bent, soul-less robots.

The actor Benedict Cumberbatch Recently demanded equal pay for his colleagues. Men should not accept Jobs in which women are paid worse than you, he finds. This is a good thing. It is crazy what is made of it. “Thank You, Sherlock!”, the “Barbara wrote”. “Yes, he was always our Hero. But now a little bit more.” Yes, Madness. Best directly the Nobel peace prize.

men might have it easy, but you can make it often very difficult. As of last week, the new Gillette commercial was released, in the of men is required to be cool role models, and pleasant fellow, went a great many men fully in the face of this naughty-coated fantasies. Under the Hashtag #boycott Gillette posting pictures of discarded razors. A company that campaigns against harassment and violence, will not be, of course, if one holds Superiority and Aggression is still the Best in the man.

About this debate, Christian Stöcker has already written, and he’s right with everything he says, when he declares that there is no “war against masculinity”, as in the British television was discussed, but merely a particularly spectacular case, the defence of what is referred to as the “toxic masculinity”. (Here is an explanation of bento.) Right also, Linus Volkmann, when he writes:

“No love for Companies, the social movements for your Image and your Profit on the coins. But still, sympathy. On a wide Level […] not to make toxic masculinity only visible, but also completely against the raise, which proves either courage or a complete misjudgement of their own clientele.”

Meanwhile, has dug out “Edition F”, such as the Gillette commercials looked a couple of years ago. At the end of the Eighties, it was still quite unsubtil:

“You look well, you can see it, you’ve come a long way… in many faces you can see it, we’ll give you everything, to stand your man, you’re at the very front, you’re the Champion!”

those were The days full of poetry.

But the masculinity ideal, against the Gillette today, one that is held by the Grab, Beat, Bully on the Run, is not only toxic and dangerous to no end, it is also very, very fragile.

Classic masculinity is such a fragile treasure that must be supported, where it appears to be only minimally compromised. If men care products are offered, rarely comes without a Marketing that is shortly before war rhetoric: Ready, Active, Strong, Power, Xtreme, Energy, shower gels and creams are labeled for men, do not dare to wash alone, with petrol and WD-40. Or, as Paula Irmschler times has written:

“The bath additives, and shower gels for women are back in name always like, ‘Hey, sit, relax, take off your shoes, go outside, lie down, be nice, shut the fuck up’ to for men him prepare for the battle, you give him no time, but always a ‘Kick’, getting ready away with you, SPARTA!”

And with this, also a big Thank you to the Instagram user who pointed me to the fact that slip hot the insoles of the brand Tena for men “Protective Shield”. In the battle, without Dribbling!

Exotic stay-at-home father

This is still current image of masculinity leads to men in areas where it’s not about Fighting and being Strong, are often represented as a quasi-life, incompetent Loser. RTL shows currently is a documentary with the title “man dad! Fathers alone at home”, fathers are left alone with the child and household, a completely new experimental avant-garde concept. Goose bumps guaranteed!

And as Wolfgang Schäuble on the occasion of the Celebration of the women’s right to vote, said that the education of children, house work, and care must be distributed fairly, could understand the “image”newspaper, the only way that men are now more common in the household – caution – “help”. No, you’re just supposed to assume just like adults, a part of the tasks that you have when you live somewhere, or has increased.

Everywhere, where it comes to restrictions supposedly particularly male activities, regardless of whether you eat meat, firecrackers, or quick car ride, every Time battalions of politicians or journalists, who explain that here is a supposedly God-given human freedom with a completely unreasonable, lust, enemy motives wegkastriert.

for example, a speed limit

for example, speed limit: people with a lot of Expertise, put their heads together and proposed a General speed limit on German motorways. A measure that would be good for the climate, good for the traffic, and, not least, good against any accidents. Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer managed, nevertheless, to claim that such proposals be understood “against every man”.

“claims, the anger, irritation, stress trigger, or our prosperity, endanger, not reality, and I reject”, he explained.

Okay, accident, dead trigger anger, annoyance, and stress, but who cares?

In December, a woman who apparently worked in the ambulance service tweeted, in response to an article from “world”-editor-in-chief Ulf Poschardt, multiple inserts in the case of racers caused accidents. Memories of this kind: “I will be the smallest and would fit was to the wreck, his head was cut off, the Hand is still his phone, his wife cried still in his name.” Ulf Poschardt, tweeted on the same day : “If the accident is used as an Argument, you can curl the civilization and/or living in a vegan Safe and enjoy”, , and reaffirmed again in the German radio-culture-Interview that his personal freedom is more important than the safety of other people. “But if we were to make it so, even a major traffic accident with dead have less in the year, then that would be a value already, or?” , asked the Moderator. Poschardt: “Nope, this is a very condensed, sentimental discussion.” , And not sentimental, of course.

What men?

You could argue that have to do with masculinity at all. But only if Successive Eight-and sentimentality is not always nor female-occupied properties. If traditionally female or male-connoted activities would be equivalent. If masculinity would no longer exist in a state of latent readiness to fight, and rejection of femininity.

“of course, boys and men will have to make in the next generations, the more work, to reflect on their role in the Long-standing injustices to exploit, but to dismantle” , wrote the other day, the psychiatrist Jan Kalbitzer on the “world Online”.

So far correct. The Headline: “boys are threatening to be the new girl”. Yes, what could be scarier? If masculinity means Superiority and strength of what is left of her?

men must adhere to very strict rules, if you want to keep the old image of masculinity alive. You are not to touch in Public, otherwise than through firm handshake or fist, otherwise you are gay, you are supposed to wear in the summer, no shorts, otherwise, you can see that they are people.

“How many excesses of toxic masculinity could be eliminated, if frustrated types to simply look each other in the Arm could take, instead of harassing anonymous on the Internet women?”, has asked Alena Schröder’s time in the “SZ magazine”.

not all men are part of the problem, but all can be part of the solution.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.