On Monday has begun for Florian Siekmann the second Semester of a master’s degree in chemistry at Munich’s Ludwig-Maximilians-University. He will, however, swap the auditorium for the chamber. For 23 years, Siekmann has been the youngest Deputy in the Bavarian Landtag elected. “I thought on election night that it will run well for me. But that I do so well, but then I surprised,“ he says. The roommate in his residential community would have to leave after the announcement of his choice of champagne corks popping.

In his voting the circle of Munich-Hadern, has brought Siekmann for the Green, more than a quarter of the votes and the second place, three percentage points behind the incumbent Minister of state for Europe, Digital and media, by Georg Eisenreich (CSU). On his list Siekmann has obtained a mandate in the Landtag.

since his school days Siekmann is politically engaged. In his homeland in the Rhineland-Palatinate, he was a circuit representative of the pupils, since the beginning of the study in Munich in 2014 he is in higher education policy. Among other things, he has fought for the preservation of the Munich semester ticket. As his subjects he calls for education and science policy, youth participation, environmental protection and transport.

“I want to give the young people in Bavaria, a voice in the Parliament,” explains Siekmann the Motivation for his candidacy. He wanted to test, whether the land policy is for him a suitable career field. One of his political role models is the top candidate of the Greens, Katharina Schulze. “How she manages it, people in the policy, the event impressed me.”

age looks Siekmann as a Problem: “During the door-to-door election campaign I noticed that people, despite my 23 years of serious.” With the necessary expertise, he will gain the respect of the long-established members of Parliament, is convinced the Green politician. For comparison: He is 58 years younger than the age of President and Focus founder Helmut Markwort, the draws for the FDP in Parliament. Only 12 of the 205 deputies in the Parliament are younger than 30 years.

The first task in the Parliament for Siekmann at the inaugural session of the Parliament. While mark word directs the session, he will be the youngest Deputy Secretary.

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