At the G20 summit in Buenos Aires have been agreed between the negotiators of the member countries on the draft for a final Declaration. The last points of dispute could have been resolved early Saturday morning, said a high-ranking EU officials. The final approval of the heads of state and government from standing.

Up to the last mainly important points on the issues of trade, climate change and Migration had been controversial. From the point of view of the EU on the jointly agreed Reform of the world trade organization WTO is one of the biggest successes. All of the 20 industrial and emerging countries have committed, it said. This should make it easier to, common economic rules. Additionally, it should be referenced in the statement that you want to continue to work multilaterally, i.e. collectively, to the solution of problems.

in view of the policy stance of the US President, Donald Trump, the draft of the final Declaration of the diplomats as a success. Trump is aiming for a protectionist economic policy and has caused, among other things, with China’s large trade conflicts. In addition, he announced the withdrawal of the USA from multilateral agreements such as the Paris climate Treaty or the nuclear deal with Iran.

Merkel, Putin and the Ukraine conflict

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) met on the sidelines of the summit with the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin. In the case of the common working Breakfast focused mainly on the recent events in the Ukraine conflict.

G20-summit – Angela Merkel meets with Trump and Putin, Angela Merkel will lead on the sidelines of the G20 summit and also talks with Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin. Central themes are likely to be in the trade dispute with the United States and the escalation in the Ukraine conflict. © Photo: Guido Bergmann/Bundesregierung via

The Russian coast guard had fired the last Sunday in the Strait in front of the Peninsula of Crimea three Ukrainian naval vessels. Several Ukrainian naval soldiers were injured. A total of 24 crew members were detained by a court in the Crimea for a two-month pretrial detention was ordered. The soldiers have now been brought to Moscow.

Russia and Ukraine is the blame for the recent confrontation give each other. Trump said shortly before the start of the G20 summit because of Russia from an approach to a planned Meeting with Putin.

the President of France, Emmanuel Macron was already on Friday in Buenos Aires with the Russian head of state. This Macron called according to his Delegation, that the conflict is now a “Phase of de-escalation” will be initiated. Germany and France will mediate in the conflict between the governments in Moscow and Kiev.

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