Shortly before the end of the fourth jumping of the 67. Four-hills-tournament in Bischofshofen, most of the audience to the two protagonists: Markus eisenbichler had a Chance to looked at the first world Cup victory of his career; Ryoyu Kobayashi was only the third ski jumper in the history of all four of the tour, Jump to win. Eisenbichler missed the big jump, Kobayashi now belongs to the exclusive circle of Grand Slam winners.

Almost a little bit under the Radar remained, therefore, that Stephan Leyhe with a fabulous jump in the second passage on 137 meters on the third place of the standings pushed. Even before the eighth and last jump of the tour, Leyhe had still been outside the Top six. But then, he overtook the competition. “I’m just so huge,” said Leyhe in the ZDF. “I was always a late starter, small steps. I think this year I’ve made a big step.”

Leyhes performance went down, not only on Sunday but throughout the week. Also since it was a Eisenbichler, the Kobayashi during the first two tour stops than One could follow. In addition, the weak performances of Olympic champion Andreas wellinger and Severin were discussed friend.

About Leyhe you las little. At the kick-off jump in Oberstdorf, he ended up as a 13. still outside the Top Ten. That changed in Garmisch-Partenkirchen with space for seven, and then two fourth places in Innsbruck and Bischofshofen. Does this mean: Second Eisenbichler, third Leyhe. A success for the German Team. Two German Springer on the tour Podium last 1990/1991 after the re-unification with the winner Jens weißflog, Dieter Thoma.

A large proportion of the year’s good performance as national coach Werner Schuster, who led the German ski jumping in his eleven years in office, from the mediocrity in the world’s top. Under his leadership, the German ski jumpers have won almost everything there is in the Sport to win Olympic, world Cup, world Cup. With one exception: In the case of the four-hills-tournament and it was three times “only” a second place, because every year is always a other Springer exceptionally well was Peter Prevc, Kamil Stoch, now Kobayashi.

“It’s a good tour for us”

this year, the German Team was after an average opener in Oberstdorf, iron Bichler in the Top Ten jumped up with each Jump a little better. Schuster had already pointed out during the tour that the German ski jumping is well positioned. And the result confirmed it. “It was a good tour for us,” he said. Even if Schuster should leave the Team after the season, his contract runs out, you have to make for the future, no Worries.

The team is so diversified, with iron Bichler and Leyhe two on the Podium landed, one would have bet in this combination prior to the tour. This balance and the large number of potential winning jumpers now makes it but for Schuster’s hard to nominate the best Team for the upcoming world Cup in the Austrian Seefeld (19.2. until 3.3.). Per competition there are four German knights start. The coach has probably rich as many views, or experienced and highly decorated Springer in the own rows, as in a long time. Since

iron Bichler , which seems to be currently the best in Form, would be bombed: in the past, but from time to time. Leyhe , which is about the whole season, was the most consistent German Springer. The only German world Cup winner this season, Karl Geiger , the back stayed with the tour, but something behind the high expectations. Richard Friday , Second in the overall world Cup last season, after injury problems, in part, better jumps, but still a little inconsistent. Wellinger , the individual Olympic champion from Pyeongchang, the put in the tour, but in the form of deep and twice in the second round missed. David seal after all, the reigning German champion. Severin Freund , overall world Cup winner and world champion three years ago, Second in the tour two years ago, after two cruciate ligament tears, but not in the Form of and Schuster, therefore, from the German squad for Innsbruck and Bischofshofen deleted. Constantin Schmid that was allowed instead of a friend to Austria, and the tour three times in the second pass made.

At the Olympic winter games in February of last year, the section met for the team competition Eisenbichler, which is expected in the upcoming world Cup, a good chance. Similarly, Leyhe. He is now on place four of the best-placed German ski jumpers in the overall world Cup standings. Also, this improvement happened quietly.

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