The launch of a manned Russian space capsule to the International space station in Kazakhstan, has failed. After the launch from the spaceport in Baikonur to the second stage of the Soyuz had failed-rocket (Soyuz MS-10), informed Russian space sources. The two astronauts Alexei Ovchinin and Nick Hague had to make an emergency landing about 50 kilometers. The Russian space Agency, Roscosmos, said that it "had occurred in the Moment of launch," a "unusual".

Crew members of space ship freed

The astronauts have performed a ballistic landing – this is according to Nasa, a landing at a sharper angle than normal. The scenario went smoothly. Rescue teams have reached according to Nasa, the landing site of the Soyuz capsule with helicopters and the members of the Crew with cranes released. They are unharmed. The country is located in the Kazakh city of Dscheskasgan in Central Asia. The rescue teams are now preparing to return to Moscow.

"The Booster of a carrier rocket of the second stage were switched off", to explain to representatives of the space station Baikonur. It was a malfunction of the auxiliary engine. A photographer from the news Agency AFP said, the Start was initially good. "After the separation of the first stage, we had the impression that there was a flash of light."

Also, the Kremlin confirmed that the astronauts were unharmed. "you live, thank God," said spokesman Dmitry Peskov. According to Esa’s information, Roscosmos will form a Commission to investigate the cause of today’s incident.

Ovchinin and Hague were planning a long-term stay on the ISS

the German Astronaut Alexander Currently has Gerst is the first German and the second European ever to command the ISS. Drew Feustel was his predecessor. To the Crew of Gerst to return in December, the US astronaut Serena Aunón-Chancellor and Russian cosmonaut Sergey Prokopyev. dpa setback for Russia’s space: Soyuz launch to the ISS failed

Whether the Mission of Alexander Gerst will be extended after the emergency landing, possibly, is yet to be decided. "it’s too early, it depends very much how quickly you can find the cause and for the future may exclude", said Europe’s space chief Jan Wörner. If Gerst had to stay because of the failure of the Russian Soyuz rocket to be longer in All, everything is available.

as recently as last Thursday, a Russian Soyuz returned-capsule from the ISS safely to the earth. The capsule with the three astronauts Oleg Artemyev, Feustel and Ricky Arnold had placed in the Steppe of Kazakhstan.

Ovchinin and Hague were planning to stay a long time on the International space station. The two-space drivers should leave in the morning to a half-year research stay at the ISS. The Docking to the ISS was scheduled for 16: 44 CEST.

Recently, the ISS was in the headlines because in one of the docked Soyuz capsules, a leak was discovered. The hole was sealed. The reason for this is currently unclear.

The United States had closed its Space Shuttle program in 2011. American astronauts now could be reached only with Russian Soyuz rockets to the ISS. The contract with Russia expires in November 2019. Then SpaceX and Boeing to take over.

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