The verse rinsed increases of CO2-emission rights have this year, so a lot of money in the coffers of the Federal government. Almost 2.6 billion euros provided for the auctions in 2018. Thus, the proceeds were more than twice as high as in 2017, reported the German Federal environment Agency.

The emissions trading works in the core according to a simple principle. Since its launch in 2005, approximately 12,000 companies and electricity producers in the EU must hold for each Tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) a certificate. The climate-damaging Gas will reduce the cost factor – what will move the company to their CO2 emissions.

According to the emission trading has a place in this year at the auctions, the average gains achieved in the price of 14.92 euros per certificate. This is almost a tripling compared to 2017.

When the CO2 emissions will be more expensive, then those power stations that emit CO2 will be, unprofitable. And especially coal-fired plants. From the dirty energy carrier could accelerate this (read more here).


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