the processing of The hacker attack on hundreds of people is still at the beginning. Now, however, there are first criminal charges: several politicians in the Green display against persons Unknown have to be refunded.

Including the Green-chief Robert Habeck and the Green MP Konstantin von Notz. The two are among the Affected, of which many data are in the network. (Click here to read an Interview with Helge Lindh, another Affected)

He had displayed in the case on Friday morning, said von Notz of the news Agency dpa. How could it come to the data theft, was not yet perfectly understandable. “The data are very diverse, from different time periods. It is very annoying.” A party spokesman said the editorial network Germany (RND) and the dpa, also Habeck have filed a complaint.

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Also, the Parliamentary Manager of the Green group, Britta Haßelmann, reported according to the RND indicator. The rate you to all Concerned. Haßelmann admonished the security agencies, the attack quickly to inform. The topic of IT-security should be dealt with in the relevant committees in the Bundestag.


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