Since the days of the reigns addresses the excitement and great uncertainty: phone numbers, Private, identity card copies and part of private Chats, photos, and accounts of politicians, celebrities and journalists have been illegally released. Also, we both are affected, in varying degrees of intensity.

The enlightenment is still, slowly, the picture becomes clearer: What we know so far suggests that there is no systematic attack has occurred, no infiltration of IT infrastructure, such as the internal network of the Bundestag or of the government network. Rather were well-captured formerly or already published elsewhere data is used in order to obtain with the help of access to Social Media profiles, or other services.

Although the attacks against individuals were, however, apparently had a certain systematic in the selection of the victims. And the meticulousness, the offender will not be placed in the merging of the data of the day, is scary.

Political hysteria helps no one

It is the provisional culmination of a long-raging debate. Maybe it is even the harbinger of an information war in the upcoming European election campaign. The danger is that misinformation, selective release of private data, and attacks on political opponents are on the increase, is real.

DPA Konstantin von Notz , 47, is the Deputy group Chairman of the Greens in the Bundestag, member of the parliamentary control panel the intelligence services, and one of the Main victims of the recent publication. Malte Spitz , 34, is a Green politician, a privacy expert and Secretary-General of the society for freedom rights, who has worked with strategic actions for more IT security.

The understandable excitement and concern led quickly to political hysteria. So, it was not only spoken by the largest data theft in Germany’s history and supporters, vague accusations, or authors abroad expressed. Again has called for the creation of legal possibilities for the digital. All of this is false and misses the actual problems.

Even if the enlightenment stands at the beginning, seems to be the attack to have a national context. It is presumed that he scene comes from the environment of the YouTube/Gamer, especially since foreign intelligence services are not have chosen such a path to publication – including a meticulous work – up and table-of-contents.

every Day people are of similar incidents

Also affected, if it is still open whether there are further publications, it is appropriate to speak of the biggest data theft in Germany’s history, even if a large number of prominent persons is affected. You now make the experience that have already made millions of other people who have been victims of Online fraud, Phishing-Mails and Acquisitions of their digital identities.

The massive IT security incidents of the past few years related to a variety of people. No matter whether it was stolen from customer accounts at Yahoo, or Adobe, or the passing on of Facebook data to Cambridge Analytica. Every day, hundreds or thousands of people are affected by similar incidents. Your data will be stolen from, blackmailed or exposed.

A real turnaround in terms of IT security is overdue

The current incident should be understood as a last warning shot. As a digital society, we must finally begin to take digital security seriously. Any Individual, even members of Parliament, is duty-bound to strengthen their passwords, to be answered in the affirmative encryption only, but also to apply its Profiles in the social media to ensure that its communication with third parties is not endangered. There is a catalog of measures which helps to protect themselves better against attacks.

The state has to provide protection – instead of more uncertainty

Also, the provider need to lower their security requirements dramatically: The Two-factor authentication must also be the mandatory Standard, such as strong password requirements. And an encrypted E-Mail communications should also be with Facebook, Twitter and Co is possible, so that weaknesses in the Re-identification and password reset. Where providers refuse to provide basic security mechanisms, they must be necessary, be obliged if.

The state must play its exemplary role and its responsibility to protect private communications, digital infrastructures and democratic institutions finally. Rather than risking our IT security solid, for example by the Accumulation of new data, the state of trade with security vulnerabilities, or extremely controversial digital against shock, must be provided greater protection.

We need effective regulation in the face of large IT companies, and very a lot more state involvement in the raising of IT security, such as end-to-end end-to-end encryption and more political support and incentives for those who want to invest in good security measures.

to respond, We have to get away from headless to Hacks and Leaks. Instead of just using the fire hose to clear the often emerging fires, we must improve the fire protection, so that new fires are caused in the first place.

We need to proactively invest in well-secured digital infrastructure. For this purpose, it is essential to overcome the existing Chaos in the responsibilities within the Federal government. We need to provide independent oversight structures with the increased challenges – for example, for the consulting of private persons and companies. We need to empower security agencies and the judiciary, in clear violations of the law can actually punish.

In every crisis there’s an opportunity. We should take advantage of and the discussion on the effective protection of basic rights and our democracy in the digital society to a different level. Instead of completely loose Sunday follow talk about on IT peaks, we need concrete Actions to sustainably strengthen the digital safety – on an individual and political level. Suggestions for this are for a long time. A rethinking of the IT security policy and a reversal is overdue. Let you finally.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.