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The aerospace and defense group Airbus UK has to apply in the case of an unjust exit from the EU with the closure of factories threatened.

“If there is a Brexit, without agreement, we must meet with Airbus may be very harmful decisions for the UK”, said Airbus CEO Thomas Enders, in a video message.

This was no empty threat. “All those who doubt this, Airbus could pull off in case of No-Deal-Brexits shops of the UK are wrong.” The British aerospace stand now on the precipice.

“long term business”

while It is not possible to relocate the large British factories immediately in other parts of the world. But air travel is a long-term business, said Enders.

The world’s second-largest Aircraft company Boeing employed on the island of 14,000 people, 6,000 of them in the factory in the Welsh Broughton, where the aircraft wings will be built, and 3000 in Filton in the West of England.

Airbus manufactures in the UK, the wings for almost all of its passenger and cargo planes. Only the new Airbus A220, the the manufacturer of canadian Bombardier has taken over the group, is independent. In the case of an unregulated Brexit must Airbus to its delivery fear chains.

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“Please don’t listen to the madness of the Brexiteers, the claim that we are not moving because we have here huge factories, us, and always will be here.” There are countries in the world, who would like to build the wings for Airbus, said the German-born Enders. “The Brexit threatens to destroy a century of development on the basis of education, research and human capital.”

It was a shame that more than two years after the result of the referendum, the companies were still able to plan properly for the future, said Enders. “In a global economy, the United Kingdom no longer has the ability to do it alone. Large air and space projects are multi-national Affairs.”


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