In the new year to launch the health insurance funds in Germany, in competition with changing economic conditions. Because the employer and the pension insurance funds to pay in the future really half of mine – also from the additional contribution, the for years, the workers had to shoulders.

this additional contribution as in the case of the large health insurance funds, DAK, or KKH, the more expensive 1.5 percent of the total health insurance contribution at 16.1 percent, to pay an employee with 3000 Euro gross income because of the Reform, EUR 22.50 less, without having to do something. Because the company takes half of their additional contribution of 45 Euro. The actual Savings is somewhat less, because who saves health insurance contributions, pays more taxes.

If you are switching insurance to a cheaper Fund, for example, to the most affordable Federal health insurance HKK (which requires a total of 14.99 per cent contribution), wide the extra contribution drops to less than 0.4 percent, so at 3,000 euros gross for only 12 Euro. Of which the employer pays half, so 6 Euro. Which is why he would welcome your cash in exchange.

employers expect so, because for them it is really worthwhile. In the case of a large employer with 1000 employees and an average employee gross of 3000 Euro, rising wage costs only around 6000 euros per month instead of EUR 22,500 (for the case, that would be all of the employees at the expensive DAK).

the Budget to be Higher expect for the clientele

How, exactly, a wise employer, good example of screw the king of Würth. The operates as one of the few employers since 1989, a statutory health insurance – meanwhile, for almost 12,000 employees. At Würth, the company’s health insurance comes from for years with a very low additional contribution of 0.2 percent of the time. The employees of the group benefited in the past years, exclusively on the economical policy is now at the company. Additional payments by the employer will also continue to be very sparse due, three euros from the employees and three of Würth in our example.

While the employer will, therefore, throw 2019 the additional contributions, because it specifically affects in the Treasury of the company, could put the Insured value on the Extra services.

The seem to think also, some health insurance companies. The AOK Nordost advertises in a large poster campaign for Berlin and Brandenburg audience with a higher annual budget, the may claim their customers for additional services. 500 euros, which is twice as much as the AOK Bavaria. More money for prenatal care, osteopathy, and dental cleaning.

The PBX, the market leader among the health insurance funds with 7.8 million members, has opted for the other way. It has reduced their contributions by 0.2 per cent. For the member with 3000 Euro gross brings just 3 euros, as much for the employer. But if the members are saving an average of three euros of the more than 23 million euros in the month. As much remains in the pockets of the employers. Similar to the traditional cheap HKK. It has lowered its contribution rate by 0.2 percent, 14.99 percent and thus offers the most favorable contributions from all national open funds.

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How to choose members so 2019? 95 percent of the services are, in principle, in the case of all funds, but in Individual differences in performance and price can be serious. 38 funds have lowered the contributions, only six increased, including no nationwide open.

the answer to The question depends on which group you are:

group A: Content a member is very solid Finance

Who has enough money and is satisfied with his cash, has no reason to Act, at least not to the Switch. If the cashier is working for you really well, but it makes the possible ways of joy, to examine what the Fund offers. Perhaps there is Extra money for back to school, for the midwife on-call period or for the entire Impfpaket before the trip to the Amazon. A list of possible additional services, you can find here.

group B: Content of the member, the need to be careful with money

Who is with the cashier, satisfied, when compared to the cheapest funds in the state, but notes that it is quite expensive, and who at the same time the money at all corners and Ends are missing, which has to consider more of a reason, what is in the service range of the cash still inside. Bonus services for the activities in a sports club, a free dental cleaning at the Dentists or the grant for the Swimming lessons to the children. The cheapest funds for each state is available here.

group C: Disaffected member Who is plenty of money

dissatisfied with his cash, you know why. Maybe the Service is not true, the employees take care of the concerns of the Insured, respond to bass, or writing incomprehensible answers. Or the Fund has elected in the case of the regulation of resources for new providers and new bandages, diapers or walkers don’t work well. Perhaps also the program for the chronic disease is not running around. Check whether the exact services that you miss, will be offered at the competition. Because, as I said, the Fund benefits are 95 percent the same, you need not to Worry to suddenly get in trouble, if you have a new illness or an accident. If you need personal advice, only funds with an outdoor service in your ward or district in question. The specialist placement and information for the planned trip around the world, are a functioning medical-App, paid for vaccinations and a good info package, perhaps decisive.

group D: Disaffected member with too little money

Who is unhappy and cash-strapped need not despair. It is not so, that the most expensive funds were the best. Check for the cheapest suppliers in your own state, whether can offer, what you are missing in your current Fund. The greater the dissatisfaction, the more (perceived) shortcomings, the more you should be looking for. Our experience shows that, In General, you can actually find a better Fund. So, a suitable compromise between good and cheap.

The exchange itself is quite simple. If you find the new Fund in January, you should cancel until the end of the month and immediately thereafter the new Fund report. You can then be in April in the new Fund. You can send the notice by registered mail. A confirmation should arrive within two weeks.

And don’t be afraid: If something doesn’t work when there is a change, you will remain automatically in the old cash – and can easily make a second substitution, with start-up.

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