Grapefruit Carpaccio with fennel Tartar and pistachio sounds like a refined Appetizer. Dishes like this should have a positive effect on the female hormonal balance and is about cycle and discomfort related to relieve. So it is at least in the book “Eat like a woman” by Andrea Haselmayr, Denise Rosenberger and Verena Haselmayr. Their message: there is A harmonious cycle and a pain-free period are possible, with targeted food and a more conscious perception of what the body needs.

The three Austrians are not the First to market such a concept. A great deal of attention to the book “Woman Code” by the American author Alisa Vitti made years ago. And there are other counselors who deal with eating a well-balanced hormone balance. “This is better, as in the case of menstrual discomfort, a pain pill to take,” says author Andrea Haselmayr.

she advises about cramps during Menstruation, to eat magnesium rich. Because the effect is anti-spasmodic. In raw cocoa, for example, not only Magnesium, but also the blood-forming iron. Also bananas contain Magnesium.

nutrition and fertility

However, certain foods menstrual pain can combat or even prevent? Doctors have serious doubts. That women can affect your hormone levels or cycle with a certain food, let’s not generalize, says Andreas Pfeiffer, diet physician and endocrinologist at the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin. “The scientific evidence is currently thin.”

hormones and diet can influence. “It is known, that a lack of Vitamin D, iron and Iodine fertility can minimize it,” said Christian Albring, President of the professional Association of women doctors. Over – and under-weight may be involved in both cycle disorders as well as infertility.

myths and facts about Menstruation that Is the rule?

many women fall during their days additionally, the hormones, says vanadium Seifert-Klauss, a clinical endocrinologist at the women’s clinic and polyclinic of the Technical University of Munich: “you have rich sometimes cravings little carbohydrate.” Some women used intuitively to chocolate.

can give pain In the lighter rule, according to the Doctors some tea relief also recommended in many of the cook books. Seifert-Klauss recommends for women to be more careful. This meant, to eat consciously, and to find out, what is a good for. “This is a cycle can help-diary,” says hormone specialist Seifert-Klauss, “in which a woman records what you do in what Situation.”

by Sabine Meuter/dpa/koe

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