Alexander Goller is mad: “I think it is a deception that VW has sold cars, even though they knew that the were manipulated.” The 46-year-old teacher had bought in 2013 for the family of a Touran and Polo. Both are affected by the diesel scandal, and already updated. With the Touran, there were performance problems. “Fortunately, he was repaired as a goodwill gesture, but the car was gone for two days. On Land, this is annoying,“ says Goller. When he learned that the pattern declaratory action for consumers is free, he rejoiced. “I’m here because of Trouble and cost, I’ve had enough. And if I want to sell my car, I’ll laugh anyway.“

also bad luck came to be affected for Alexander Goller: “Both cars, both updated. And then we wouldn’t have made it almost home from vacation.“ With his wife, Christine, the children of Lola and Emil, as well as bitch Pauline on Board the Touran Goller had to sneak really home. “The drop in performance when the car was huge, I dared him.” Now, Goller fear, of course, that it caught the Polo also. “That’s why I’m going, if necessary through all instances. From VW, nothing comes. Because you have to show the flag.“

performance problems after the Update,

With the pattern for a declaratory judgment that the verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (vzbv) in cooperation with the ADAC on 1. November submitting before the higher regional court of Braunschweig against Volkswagen AG-that may be concerned, hope the diesel driver as Alexander Goller, ultimately, on compensation. ADAC, An exhaust gas test (archive image)

“is the target of the court’s finding that Volkswagen has damaged the Software manipulations buyer intentionally immoral, and therefore compensation is owed,” said vzbv-Board member Klaus Müller, before the Federal press conference in Berlin, where he was presented with the ADAC President Dr. August Markl the action. Markl: “We see it as our great responsibility for the interests of our affected members.”

from November to may. register

Aggrieved consumers have until mid-November, the possibility of the Federal office of justice free of charge in a complaint register and to benefit from the outcome of the proceedings: the action success, you can enforce the judgment in the back of their individual claims with its own lawsuit The back can be the contract to purchase, i.e. car, money, and possibly less kilometers. Or you keep the car and calls for a part of the original price as compensation. In addition, a comparison between vzbv and Volkswagen AG. Votes of the 30 percent of the in the complaint register, he is binding – a process of its own would not be necessary. ADAC info-graphics In real traffic, many diesel vehicles exceed the limits. Striking: of all things, the often-maligned German manufacturer of cutting with their current models by far the best

The complaint register could be very long: About 2.5 million Germans have bought since 2008, VW, Škoda, Seat or Audi with a Motor of the type EA 189, in which an illegal defeat device was installed. Your cars got a Software Update, but on the loss of value of their vehicles, most are still sitting.

no-one has so far,

complained Not even one percent of the Concerned is drawn to the court – almost 24,000 cases, about 7000 are to be decided. Time favor, time of motorists to the detriment. Often, said ADAC President Markl in Berlin, had been purchased by the plaintiff, a consumer-friendly higher court decision by a generous settlement offer by VW are literally in the process. All who have not complained, running out of time: the end of 2018, their claims for damages become time-barred.

lawyers expect that only the Supreme court final decides

Here, the pattern determination comes action, and from 1.11. is possible, just in time. With the entry in the suit register, the limitation period is not suspended”,” running. No matter how long the procedure takes. The lawyers appointed by the vzbv, assume that after the decision of the higher regional court of Braunschweig, the losing side is in Revision. Then the Federal court must decide a verdict, the lawyers are not to be expected before 2022.

FOCUS Online New Clean-Diesel in the practice check: votes finally the fuel consumption figures?

Katarina Barley, SPD, Federal Minister of justice and for consumer protection, speaks of the “One-for-all-action”. The motor world says Barley, “you can help a lot of people unbureaucratically and free of charge, and so more eye level between consumers and companies”. Barley: “With this action, the instrument can get diesel customers easier.”

Important Info for all Concerned!

Before the middle of November, there is no action tab to Enter. Until then, you can do nothing! And there is nothing adverse can happen for you. Already now, you can find detailed information at and https:/ ADAC members can ask questions for free to club lawyers: under T 089 76 76 24 33 or https:/ ADAC Motorwelt

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Statements of Affected

ADAC/Katjana Fresh VW-owner of Gaby Lang is up against a lawsuit against the car manufacturer

Hans-Joachim Eichhorn: “The money is burning”

Hans-Joachim Eichhorn, 73, of Eschweiler has bought his Seat Alhambra four years ago. “At the time, I had a clean car,” says the retired appliance technician, “and today I did, despite the Software Update is a piece of junk.” He continued to drive his car for the first time, but is Worried because more and more environmental zones. “If the neighbouring Aachen set up, in may I will be there.” The pattern for a declaratory judgment, he will contribute, he wants to all cases of damages. “Because if I sell my car, I have a higher value of loss than normally,” says Eichhorn, “the money is burning.”

Gaby Lang: “It’s just a joke”

“We have the Tiguan for 2014, and were always very satisfied,” says Gaby Lang, 66, a nurse from Munich. Until the recall came. “After the Software Update the car was often suddenly slow and stuttered. First, it was said, there is nothing. Then it was repaired with a Time for around 1100 Euro on goodwill. The replacement car we would have had to pay themselves,“ she says, indignant. “We feel cheated. The sale value of the car drops, and then also driving bans. It is such a joke.“ You want to look at the action tab. “You have to do something against VW.”

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Elisabeth Schneider, Christof Henn/ADAC VW Diesel pattern declaratory

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