The European court for human rights has recorded the repeated feast and hours-long interrogations of the Russian opposition Alexei reprimanded Navalny as politically motivated. This is the Grand chamber of the Strasbourg court decided, by 14 votes to three. In the case of fixed rights to Navalny’s campaign had been injured between 2012 and 2014, two of which have expressly press had the aim of “political pluralism”.

The ruling against Russia is final and the country will have to pay a compensation payment in the amount of € 63,000 to Navalny. In addition, the country must allow peaceful demonstrations.

found in the past year, the court that seven of these arrests are unlawful, and condemned Russia for the compensation payment. In contrast, both the Russian government as well as Navalny appeal. The present judgment of the Grand chamber is binding.

The lawyer, Navalny is the most important representatives of the Russian Opposition to President Vladimir Putin. He is also well known as an activist against corruption. He was accused several times in recent years because of crime and sentenced, what is seen by many in Russia as an attempt of the Kremlin to put him on the political sidelines. Most recently, he had to at the end of August for a total of 50 days in jail.

The activist was expected for sentencing in court. He originally wanted to fly on Tuesday to a hearing of the court to Strasbourg, but couldn’t leave the country first. Only after payment of a him to own information not previously displayed to a monetary penalty, he eventually travelled on Wednesday to Strasbourg.

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