A technical Defect was the cause of the fire in the ICE on the route Frankfurt-Cologne. The Federal police and the Deutsche Bahn announced on Saturday. How it came to the fire, but should be clarified in further studies. It is an influence from the outside was excluded.

The Südwestrundfunk (SWR) reported that the Defect had been in a transformer. To do this, the Federal police and the railway were first.

transformer was suspected as a possible cause

As the "image" reported, suggested by the experts that liquid that has leaked from the transformer could be the cause of the fire. Also conceivable is an electronics brand.

The "image" quoted also a railway employee. This claims that it had already been on the lecture "smell of burning" on the train found. "Sure, he was driven to the factory, but then under a new train back on the Track sent to."

smell of burning are not uncommon

"T-Online" reported, there is smell of burning had been identified. In the maintenance of the factory in Cologne-Nippes he had been investigated. Whether the smell with the Brand in context, is unclear. Smell of burning of trains are not uncommon, and often will, however, not found a reason for it. The railway will not comment on the reports because of the ongoing investigation, they say. The police has seized the train.

Due to several lucky circumstances, were injured in the fire, only one Person, four suffered because of the excitement circulatory problems. The railway line between Siegburg in North Rhine-Westphalia and Montabaur was locked. Commuting between Cologne and Frankfurt can expect cancellations and delays of up to 90 minutes. Due to the Smoke and extinguishing the busy highway 3 between Dierdorf and Ransbach had to work also-Baumbach are initially blocked in both directions.

investigation can be several weeks

take a helicopter were a spokesman for the Federal police, according to on-the-spot, "to get an Overview of the Place of the accident". The ICE 511 was seized. An essential part of the investigation will be, when the train was last seen in the inspection, and whether there were any abnormalities. The analysis of evidence and investigations into the cause of the fire could take several week. They are led by the Federal police and the Federal railway authority. A spokesman for the Federal Agency for railway accident investigation, said: "We are still at the beginning of our accident investigations."

the district fire inspector Werner Böcking called it a "very fortunate circumstance," that an employee of the Federal government was sitting in the police with the train, as well as other members of aid organizations. Among other things, a member of the airport had been a fire on Board. "The people were very disciplined, very calm," said one of the rescuers, with a view to the passengers. In addition, you have been lucky with the weather dry and relatively warm.

I want the ticket price and damaged baggage described to replace

a Federal police spokesman, Christian Altenhofen, his uniformed colleague on Board had noticed the smoke and the rescue was initiated. A difficulty was that the train was still hanging on the power lines. The Federal police knew of this danger and in view of had that in the opposite direction, the trains still on the go could be. He got the people in a certain corridor, and in a certain direction to get off.

The train, according to the high-speed line Cologne-Rhine/Main, Germany until at least Sunday night. The journey between Cologne and Frankfurt will be diverted via Koblenz and Mainz, and takes up to 80 minutes longer, it said. "The DB will reimburse the traveler of the ICE 511 the price of the ticket completely, and for damaged baggage."

the Second Brand on the track since August,

Until the beginning of August there was a blockage on the ICE line Cologne-Frankfurt. At the time, was between Hennef (Sieg) and Troisdorf in North Rhine-Westphalia, broke out a embankment of a fire, the spread due to the drought quickly, and even the houses of the assault. Overall, at the time, 32 people were injured, eight part of the building was massively damaged. Extinguishing the fire with hundreds of forces lasted for hours. Only on the Morning of the following day the line was released, at least for long-distance transport.

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