The government parties of CDU, CSU and SPD have reached an agreement supposedly about the influx of foreign professionals. As the Süddeutsche Zeitung reports, has given the Federal Ministry of the interior of the corresponding draft bill in the consultation with the other departments. Previously would have matched the three primarily involved with the topic of the ministries for home Affairs, employment and the economy. The Cabinet decision was for the 19. December provided.

The draft, which is the newspaper, see a relaxation of rules for foreigners from Non-EU countries who wish to work in Germany. In the future, each could work here, has a contract of employment “and a recognised qualification”. The previously required examination of whether a German or an EU citizen for the job would be in question, is to be eliminated.

Who have a vocational education and training, would be allowed to enter for a limited period of time, in order to look for a job. This scheme will initially apply to five years on a trial basis. Possible stay also in order to qualify. There are also a limited possibility to be created “” to be “under certain conditions” of his acquired abroad vocational training after arrival in Germany recognize that. Be relaxed to the newspaper report, according to the rules for the so-called training of toleration, which implies that the trainees will not be deported during your apprenticeship and after the completion of two years are allowed to work.

Also in dealing with Tolerated, so Noncitizens whose deportation is suspended, there is the newspaper, according to an agreement. The draft provides for “a clear set of criteria for a reliable Status” of those Tolerated, the work, their living themselves and are well integrated. The prerequisite for this two-year “employment toleration” is, therefore, that the persons Concerned have been employed for one and a half years with a minimum of 35 hours a week subject to social insurance contributions.

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