Russian President Vladimir Putin has suspended the INF disarmament Treaty. The Kremlin announced on Saturday after a Meeting of Putin with the Foreign and defense Ministers. “Our American partners have announced their participation in the agreement to suspend and we will continue our participation”, – said Putin. Russia will now begin to develop new missiles.

U.S. President Donald Trump had been suspended on Friday the Treaty with Russia and announced that the United States felt from this Saturday in the obligations of the Treaty-bound, and would leave Moscow the same day know.

The Treaty prohibits land-based missiles cruise missiles, with a range between 500 and 5,500 kilometers, can carry nuclear warheads. It is also the production and testing of such systems says. The abbreviation ‘ INF ‘ stands for “Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces”, in English: nuclear medium-range systems. The United States and the former Soviet Union had signed the Treaty in 1987.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo justified the withdrawal that Russia is threatening the security interests of the United States. The decision should not occur, therefore, in six months, if Russia will hold until then, back to the agreement. Putin announced, in its turn, Russia will follow the example of the USA and pulling in six months from the INF Treaty.

China calls for “constructive dialogue” on

In many Parts of the world, the announcement from Washington that triggered fear of a new nuclear arms race. Although Trump also said he wishes that it come to a new, better contract. However, he had explained repeatedly in the past, and also China would have to be the Treaty partner, and Beijing is not prepared to recognize.

The Chinese government called on Washington and Moscow to join the disarmament Treaty. The Ministry of foreign Affairs warned the Trump-government, the withdrawal of INV-agreement could have “negative consequences”. China criticize the decision of the US government and the US and Russia to urge their opposites through a “constructive dialogue” to resolve.


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