Despite the days-long protests, Hungary’s President Janos Ader has signed the new labour law. He was convinced that the new provisions would not violate the rights of workers, informed vein, in a statement.

The law, which was approved on Wednesday a week ago in Parliament, had triggered the so far most violent series of street protests for years.

The new law allows employers to require their employees up to 400 hours of Overtime instead of the current 250 per year, and salary payments for up to three years delay. According to calculations by the trade unions, this is tantamount to the covert introduction of a Six-day-a-week.

The adoption of the text last week, in Parliament, had triggered the biggest wave of protest since the beginning of the term of office of the right-wing conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in 2010, thousands have demonstrated for days in Budapest and other major cities of the country against the right-wing nationalist government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban. In the process, dozens of people were arrested and more than a dozen police officers injured. For Friday another big rally in Budapest is planned.

decision “scandalous”

The non signing of the law by vein as a surprise. The state President comes from the government party, Fidesz, and is considered largely loyal supporter of the Orban-government. It is stricter than the overtime provisions in comparable EU States, said Ader. He now hope for quiet and peaceful holidays.

The Opposition reacted angrily. The extreme-right Jobbik party called Aders decision “scandalous”. The extra-parliamentary party Momentum that has helped to shape the protests, said in a first reaction: “We keep the assiduous rushing of the artery for a scandal. We can get smoke grenades, morning again, we head to the Sandor Palace (official residence of the President) a visit.”

the protests against the labour law has joined a broad Alliance of opposition parties together. On Monday had gathered thousands of protesters in front of the state television broadcaster MTVA, Budapest. Opposition members went into the building and tried to make a statement with demands of the protest movement radiate.


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