the information from surveys in the Gamer and YouTuber scene, allows the Federal criminal police office for the arrest of the suspects in the data scandal. Last Sunday, investigators had confiscated the apartment of the 19-year-old IT expert Jan Schürlein hours in length, as well as devices, because he was with the suspects in contact. “Got up at 10 o’clock in the morning in the living room,” said Schürlein of the MIRROR.

The 19-year-old IT specialist from Heilbronn, Germany, has announced on Twitter to have the authorities crucial information is given – and he turns to the public to the suspect: “take it way too personally. To me, the Situation does for you personally, in some respects, also, sorry, but you shot down the bird with the action and I hardly think one would be willing to cover the to and to take the legal Stress,” wrote Jan Schürlein in a Tweet on Tuesday afternoon.

A request from the Federal criminal police office, whether Schürlein was, in fact, the ultimate tipster, remained unanswered. Of the Frankfurt General Prosecutor’s office, it was said, however, “that from the examination of a witness out of Heilbronn, and information from the seized disks, information could be gained, which was appropriate for the identification of the suspects”.

“Personally, he didn’t do much for price”

told He had “an irregular, more or less,” the Hacker contact, Schürlein of the MIRROR – for example, the messenger service Telegram. With the private Details of the suspects had kept a low profile in the talks: “Personally he has not been a lot of price, but a single error or a Detail-rich, close to an identity.”

The technical arrangements of the suspects met in order to remain anonymous, were apparently not completely. Schürlein that he had filed about his Telegram account on his private cell phone number. “It security is, of course, did not care, but he had used this channel for years and with the escalation of the Situation, probably not anticipated,” says Jan Schürlein.

is also in the hacker scene on the road – the normal while cooperating reluctantly with the authorities. But Schürlein was afraid to get the attention of the authorities when he is speaking. Since then, he has expressed publicly unusually comprehensive to the case – for example, on Twitter. Check his own information.

In the Public Schürlein now fighting for his reputation

“Jan Schürlein seems to be part of the Discord-Hacker Community and knows the scene,” said the extremism and terrorism researcher Julia Ebner from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue. According to her, he was the Administrator of a controversial YouTubers. A year ago he had boasted to be the Only one who know the Details of the Hack of Youtubers and knew who was behind, says the analyst Julia Ebner. “He also shared the personal data of other hacked people and deleted them again.”

Apparently, he has already made experiences in the past with investigators, who have seized control of his devices: “I think I’m the Only one in Germany who has made a Prosecutor-package-Unboxing on YouTube,” commented Schürlein in a Video of 2016, in which he unpacks several Smartphones, hard drives and other devices he had sent to the Prosecutor’s office of Heilbronn allegedly.

The last message received Jan Schürlein of the suspect: an E-Mail from 4. January 2019, the Hacker announced the destruction of its Hardware. “Got a Telegram removed, will also destroy the PC, then I’ll call you in a couple of days or so.” But it never came.

Jan Schürlein is attacked for the cooperation with the Federal criminal police office, in social networks, he is met with hostility such as “Snitch”, a traitor. He is accused of, that he was the suspect in the back and him, no one to trust. By going Public, fighting Schürlein apparently his reputation.

“of course I delivered the decisive note, maybe it would have lasted, but just a little longer,” defended Schürlein in a Tweet. Due to his confession, a “lesser penalty, later prospects expect the suspects also have a Job in the IT field & this whole nightmare is finally over”.

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