The American Rapper Jay-Z and Meek Mill have co-founded an organization that works for judicial reform. You want to ensure that parole conditions are relaxed. In the USA criminal offences many years of probation can penalties. Anyone who violates the strict conditions that must, under certain circumstances, for years to prison.

critics complain that this was unfair and mainly the black people meet. “The communities in which we grew up. Friends, I have. The people around me. I grew up with this issue,” said Jay-Z at a press conference in New York.

the idea for The Initiative came to the creators after a controversial sentence for Meek Mill. He was sentenced in 2008 for drug trafficking and firearms possession, to a term of imprisonment. After his release, he violated parole.

Rapper Meek Mill on the way to court in Philadelphia in November, 2017

According to “New York Times” called the judge the following violations: He was self-recognized powerful concert dates, and in areas where it was prohibited. In addition, he should be in a scuffle with an airport employee involved, the allegations had, however, been dropped. Finally, he drove for the filming of a music video with his bike “Wheelies” in New York. A manoeuvre in which one drives only on the rear wheels.

A judge in Philadelphia sentenced the musician that is why in November of 2017, to a prison sentence of two to four years. After criticism of Mill was left after five months on bail. His probation runs until 2023.

The organization of the “Reform” is to make the lobby work, the equivalent of 44 million euros are available for it. The objective is to support in the next five years, around a Million people.


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