The German aid organization, the Sea-Watch did not act according to the Italian justice in connection with the rescue of 47 migrants is wrong. Investigators could find no violations of the law, it said in a communication from the Prosecutor’s office in Catania. She expressed the only doubt about the suitability of the “Sea-Watch 3” for the search and rescue in the Mediterranean sea.

The ship had been almost two weeks with rescued migrants at sea, before it was allowed to create on Thursday in Italy. Prerequisite: a European solution for the inclusion of the people on Board. Italy’s interior Minister Matteo Salvini criticized, however, that the Crew of the rescue vessel had controlled Italy as a destination.

Salvini accused of the “Sea-Watch”crew, among other things, to be after the rescue of the migrants “in the midst of a storm” to Italy instead of to nearby Tunisia hazards. Investigators were now, however, is clear: The weather was still good, as the “Sea-Watch 3” is controlled in the direction of Lampedusa.

That the captain had made up his mind then for further travel to the East coast of Sicily, instead of going to Tunisia, was “justified”. Otherwise the ship would have approached the gathering Deep. In addition, the Tunisian authorities of the organization had denied in the past, the Applying also for the Increase of the inventories, it was called by the prosecution.

Prosecutor’s office determined against Unknown

On Friday, had informed the Italian coast guard, the “Sea Watch 3” would still remain, due to irregularities in the port. Whether this decision was on Saturday is still unclear. Italy’s Minister of the interior, Salvini wants to ban private rescue vessels berthing in the ports of the country. Sea-Watch in the new development is a confirmation for the “criminalization campaign” against NGOs.

The Prosecutor’s office determined your Letter to be now against the Unknown, among others because of favoring illegal Migration. The investigators want to identify the Libyan traffickers who have organized the departure of migrants from the coast of the civil war country. In addition, those who are to be found, which have controlled the boat before the rescue intervention of rescuers.


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