The wall to Mexico was one of the Central campaign promises of U.S. President Donald Trump. “I’m going to build a large, great wall and Mexico will pay me this wall,” he said, so or in a similar Form many times during the election campaign and, as he was already in office.

Now he has claimed before journalists that he had never said that Mexico would pay him directly for the wall. “Of course, I said never, I meant never that you would write a check. I said, you will have to pay for it. You will.”

This is wrong. The “Washington Post” has found according to their own information 212 counter-evidence. For example, in an Interview with U.S. television channel Fox News 2016 in the pre-election campaign; at the time, Trump said: “you will pay for the wall. You are. Maybe you will even write us a check.”

Currently, parts of the US government are in the so-called “Shutdown”. This means that a household was a barrier for several ministries to be imposed, since the budget law was not decided in a timely manner. Reason: Trump is not on the five billion dollars for the wall, the Democrats want to give in. Until November, the Republicans had the majority in both houses of Congress, yet they never sought to use taxpayers ‘ money for the construction of the wall.

Over the past two and a half years, Trump has introduced a number of concepts, such as Mexico for the wall could pay:

In the election campaign, he threatened to ban money transfers from Mexicans working in the United States, to Mexico in the future. So the Mexican government should be compelled to pay the United States for the wall is five to ten billion dollars directly. The “Washington Post” has published the document. According to the “Washington Post” there were also other Considerations, to compel Mexico to pay for the wall, for example, by no more Visa to be issued.

Meanwhile, Trump claims that Mexico, through the recently negotiated trade agreement will indirectly pay for the wall. According to the Website “Politifact” is this line of reasoning, at least, is deficient, according to the agreement with Mexico and Canada had not been ratified yet. In addition, no new customs duties had been agreed on Mexican Goods.


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