in The United States, OxyContin has long seen as a miracle cure. Launched in 1995 to great fanfare, this powerful analgesic opiate had two qualities, provided by its manufacturer, the laboratory Purdue : it take the edge off the pain continuously – hence its name – and was of little side effects. This was before the epidemic of overdose of opioids, which, for nearly fifteen years, has hit the United States with a force always increasing.

today, the laboratory focuses, more than any other, the wrath of the american administration. Each month or almost a new complaint is filed against him. In September, the Colorado has joined the twenty States and major us cities that are suing the u.s. company for failing to inform patients of the risks of addiction to this drug. In 2007, already, three of its officers had pleaded guilty to the charge of disinformation in front of a federal court. The company had to pay $ 600 million in fines and damages, a near-record in this type of business. Of the complaints filed by the Kentucky and West Virginia have resulted in arrangements of 24 million and $ 10 million. This has not prevented the laboratory to continue its operations and to attack the global market with marketing methods particularly aggressive.

An investigation is underway in Italy. In may 2017, ten-seven people, among whom officials from Mundipharma, the european branch of Purdue, but also the laboratory’s competitor Grünenthal (who sells Tramadol) were arrested. Since then, 70 people have been indicted in the corruption case. Justice is suspected of having set up a system of influence in order to promote their laboratory in the making of provision by the public authorities, of painkillers.

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