this atmosphere, poor football night in the freezing cold and went to the end, made Leroy Sané a strikingly dissolved in the impression.

He stood with his national team-mate Nico Schulz from the TSG Hoffenheim on the lawn of the stadium of Manchester City. They had excited, like two old pals bar at the counter of your master. Obviously, you both joked and laughed. For a Moment Sané even forgot to put the Talk to the Hand before the mouth, as in the case of footballers, in the meantime, the custom is to protect against espionage attacks by a lip reader.

The looseness of the former schalker was understandable. Sané had a shot at the 2:1 success against Hoffenheim at the conclusion of the preliminary round in the Champions League with both goals. The first in first-half stoppage time from a free-kick, the second after an hour after a counter-attack. With his hits Sané led the English Champions to win the group and continued on his good run.

The 22 year old winger is currently in good shape. He has in the team of coach Pep Guardiola a regular place and came in the Premier League since the beginning of November on four goals and four assists. His double against Hoffenheim was his first goal in the Champions League since March, 2017. “I think Pep is glad he has him,” said guest coach Julian nail man and marveled at Sanés performance.


He found also that Hoffenheim is “as a newbie, for great moments in the Champions League and the history books are filled”, even if the team has the preliminary round as the group graduated. Said Pep the question to the man of the match from wich. “Julian’s right. I’m a happy man. But I have not only Leroy, but also a lot of other players,” said Guardiola.

Two goals against a German team, in the presence of many reporters from Germany – that would have been a good opportunity for Sané to address a few sentences to the Public. But he by step, the Interview Zone, located in the basement of the stadium, as usual, wordlessly. There is hardly a City-a professional’s conversations with journalists so consistently out of the way as the German national players.

“He is not outwardly, perhaps, the most open personality. But he doesn’t have to be. It is important that we assess it properly,” said his compatriot Ilkay Gündogan. In his opinion, it would be a mistake to conclude from Sanés a defensive posture in dealing with the press on his character: “When you know him well, he is an extremely pleasant guy who is connected to many Jokes and a lot of fun.”

this year, however, there were also bleak moments for Sané. In the summer, national coach Joachim Löw cut him surprisingly out of the squad for the world Cup in Russia. For the new season to be the club set him a competitor in front of the nose, Riyad Mahrez of Leicester City. In the first Play Sané was just a substitute and was missing even in the squad. These include the public criticism of his DFB-mates Toni Kroos, was his attitude. All of this seemed like an appeal to Sané, pull themselves together and to play permanently at the level he’s capable of.

All eighth-finalists of the Champions League at a Glance:

play These games, 16 Teams in Europe’s crown

on points with Atlético Madrid, but by the advantage in a direct duel, in the table ahead of Borussia Dortmund. The team of Lucien Favre can get it to do in the next round, only with a group second.

a group winners will meet in the second round, however, Atlético. The Team of striker Antoine Griezmann played in the last match of the group A, only 0:0 in Bruges, and gave the group victory.

The final match played against Tottenham only draw, however, in the next round: FC Barcelona is the winner of group B.

Lucas Moura is secured the Spurs due to his late goal at group winners Barcelona come up with second place in the second round.

After the first Play it looked good for Paris Saint-Germain. On the last round, the Team of Thomas Tuchel, but it was by a 4:1 victory in Belgrade is still on the top spot of the group C.

Also in the first knockout round Liverpool after the 1:0 success against Naples. The Italian slip through the narrow defeat from square one to square three.

16 out of a possible 18 points, FC Porto in group D. Only in the first game at Schalke, the Portuguese had points.

The Team from Gelsenkirchen is, after six Games, five points behind Porto, but still seven points ahead of Galatasaray. That’s enough for the next round.

A wild 3:3 in Amsterdam marked for FC Bayern to the final point in group E. At the end of the group victory.

But can the life also Ajax with the draw. The Team is also a round.

The TSG Hoffenheim has not managed in the first Champions League participation beyond the group stage. The first-placed Manchester City.

Behind Olympique Lyon and Shakhtar Donetsk fought for second place. At home, the Ukrainians were initially in the lead, the French achieved, however the compensation was enough to come to the Next.

reason to Cheer for Real Madrid in the final Broke at home against CSKA Moscow. The group had the Royal but anyway sure.

And also, the Roma do not need to grieve after the defeat in Pilsen for a long time. The Team moves as a runner-up in the next round.

Cristiano Ronaldo has survived after three Champions League Wins in a row with Juventus, at least in the group stage. A first place is a good read, the defeat at the table last Bern on the last round remains a verschmerzbarer blemish.

The Juve Defeat in Switzerland would be for Manchester United the Chance to go in the next round, a group winner out of the way. This missed the Team of José Mourinho, however, lost in Valencia and goes as a group into second place in the round of sixteen.

according to his current performance, has shown the appeal effect. You have to tickle Sané so sometimes a bit? “Yes, from time to time. The many need, to be honest. He also, of course. If he is a bit too comfortable, maybe not always good,” said Gündogan. He believes that Guardiola “the perfect coach” to drive Sané to maximum performance.

it was already observed in the last season. Also, since he was sitting to the beginning several times to the Bank and was reprimanded by his Coach. After that, he flourished, contributed ten goals and 15 templates to Manchester City’s mythical championship, and was voted the best young player in the Premier League.

Sanés achievements in the last season, and his current High have to do with the bad luck of a teammate. He is always at his best when the with an impressive Offensive drive-equipped full-back Benjamin Mendy can’t join. Then Sané has the complete left side. The past season missed Mendy with a cruciate ligament almost completely, in the Moment, he is due a knee OP can not be used. Sané, therefore, has all the freedom on the wing and delivers performances like the one against Hoffenheim.

Manchester City – TSG Hoffenheim 2:1 (1:1)
0:1 Kramaric (16., Foul penalty)
1:1 Sané (45.+1)
2:1 Sané (61.)
Manchester: Ederson – Stones (46. Walker), Otamendi, Laporte, Zinchenko (64. Delph) – Bernardo Silva (85. Kompany), Gündogan, Foden – Sterling, L. Sané – Gabriel, Jesus,
Baumann – Brenet, Adams, Huebner Kaderabek, Geiger (63. Amiri), Schulz – Grillitsch, Bittencourt (70. Belfodil) – Joelinton, Kramaric
referee: Andreas Ekberg
Yellow cards: -/ Hübner, Joelinton

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