That was something New: French President and German Chancellor, put together the questions of its citizens from both countries, live and without a diplomatic pre-languages. And lo and behold: The German-French friendship is not a Phantom. It is also more than holding hands over the graves.

jealous of the Chancellor is, if you are traveling with the President on the climate summit: “You have your many of the nuclear power plants and I mean many coal-fired power plants.” Macron, however, is jealous because you can drive in Germany, with the wheel much better track. In addition, France and Germany have opted for arms exports to Saudi Arabia “just different”, says the Chancellor openly. So Merkel is against it, and Macron. “What Signal are they sending to the world?” asks one of the German participants in the discussion.

The Signal could not be clearer. Merkel and Macron together. You have never done it before so clearly as on this day, in the Aula Carolina on the market square of Aachen in front of 70 citizens. You never talked so freely to each other in Public, openly admitted to their differences, in order to make more clear their common claim to leadership. “Today is a day that we have both courage is,” said Merkel. You could take it from her.

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It was, however, high time. Hardly anyone seemed to care for the paper, the Chancellor and President on the Morning of have signed. “Aachen’s contract” calls it, after the example of the Élysée Treaty, on the same day 56 years ago, President Charles de Gaulle and Chancellor Konrad Adenauer in the history books entered. However, a repetition of the story it: “Merkel and Macron draw without Conviction” expressed in the title bar of the conservative Parisian Leitblatts “Figaro on the Morning of the widespread skepticism. And in front of the city hall in Aachen, where the Treaty was signed, there were just as many supporters with blue balloons as opponents in yellow vests, who called loudly for the resignation Macrons and Merkel’s. The “Assembly”, which welcomed the German Chancellor, took place in reality, only in a closed room. Almost a shame for a new German-French friendship Treaty that is supposed to be a matter for the peoples.

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It was only good because Merkel and Macron put a shovel on it. What counts, said the Chancellor, “is the decisive will to him ( the contract – ed. ) really lives up to”. And added: “Yes, we have this unconditional will. (…) I am committed.” In a similar way, Macron said: “Our ambitious goals to offer the actual protection in the face of new threats from outside of Europe”.

ambition and desire. And not only the Status quo to preserve, as it seems to suggest the new contract sometimes. “In politics, strength is of crucial importance”, – quotes a new Paris book, under the title “The heedlessness of the world,” the old Florentine Machiavelli. Chancellor and President, to feel it, wanted to follow this advice in Aachen. Strength against the heedlessness show. With a new contract paper alone could succeed bad. If you stall on the open stage, together with the head. Hopefully Macron and Merkel will have on many days the courage.

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