reports such As the US Newspapers “New York Times” and “Washington Post” citing an Insider, is said to have referred to the Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, in a telephone conversation with the White house as a “dangerous Islamists”. The phone call with Donald trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, and the national security adviser, John Bolton will on 9. October have taken place a week after the Khashoggis Disappear. More am to have Salman claimed that Khashoggi had been a member of the Muslim brotherhood, a group that has long fought by Bolton and other employees of the Trump staff.

The attempt to discredit Khashoggi in this way, in contrast to the later public Statements of the Saudi government, which has condemned his death as a “terrible mistake” and “terrible tragedy”.

Saudi Arabian crown Prince expressed his Regret in the case of Jamal Khashoggi murder of journalists, Turkish investigators: Khashoggi was strangled, and the corpse is destroyed DPA

“The incident that has occurred, is for all Saudis very painful,” said the Saudi crown Prince a few days ago in a panel discussion. “The incident is not justified.”

The family of the murdered Khashoggi described the accusations that he was an Islamist, opposite the “Washington Post” as false: “Jamal Khashoggi was not a member of the Muslim brotherhood. He has rejected such claims in the last few years. He was in no way a dangerous Person. To claim otherwise would be ridiculous.”

From saudi Arabian side were also denied the allegations against bin Salman. It was confirmed only that “there are occasional routine calls” between the crown Prince and top U.S. officials, but “no such comment has been submitted”.

‘m Salman’s allegations as a damage-limitation? Press speech in Ankara, the case of Khashoggi: “Erdogan is looking to wear down the Saudi ruling house AFP

” A former CIA official who has analyzed the statements of bin Salman, said that the attempt to bring Khashoggis character into disrepute, was an attempt to limit the damage.

Saudi Arabia, had brought with contradictory statements, in the case of Khashoggi himself into trouble. After weeks of denials, the Saudis had at 20. October, admitted under international pressure, the death of a critical journalist, but first of all, as a result of an escalated dispute. Only later, Prosecutor-General Abdullah al-Muadschab that Khashoggi was “deliberately” killed. 18 of the Suspects were taken accordingly, and the Royal media consultant, as well as the Vice-dismissed chief of intelligence of your Post.

Khashoggi was on 2. October went to the Istanbul Consulate of his country, a document for his marriage to pick up, but not come out. Meanwhile, an adviser to the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that the body had been initially, and then dissolved in an acid dismembered. “You got rid of the body, by having it resolved,” said Yasin Aktay, the newspaper “Hürriyet”. His statement coincides with a report from the “Washington Post”, for the Khashoggi had written.

sources: Washington Post, “New York Times”

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