The new year goes on for many heads of state as turbulent as it ended the old one. In your new year you throbbing speeches, therefore, all the more on reforms, consensus, and Cohesion.

first of All: the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, and the British Prime Minister, Theresa May. And also Pope Francis starts with the Catholic Church in a difficult year.

Emmanuel Macron

Despite the continued protests of the yellow West ends of the Macron wants to push his reform policy in the new year. In his new year’s speech, France’s President, announced, among other things, the implementation of the plans, to unemployment insurance, the civil service, and pensions.

he agreed to the population, to cuts. “In the past few years, we have ignored the reality of finishing,” said Macron. “We can’t work less, earn more, cut taxes and boost spending.”

Nearly 20 months after taking office, the popularity of France’s latest President is at a low ebb. In December, only 24 percent said the newspaper “Journal du Dimanche”, for Macron – in the previous year it was 47 percent. For weeks the yellow demonstrate the West against the reform policy.

Theresa May

Exciting for the Theresa May . In mid-January, the deputies of the British Parliament will vote on your Brexit-agreement – and so the Prime Minister campaigned in her new year’s address to support.

“In the coming weeks, the members have a big decision to make. If the Parliament supports the Deal, can the UK to come over the mountain,” said May. 2019 could be the year in which the differences in the Brexit-armed to be overcome.

Parliament is due to vote in the third week of January, about the Brexit Deal. As yet no majority in favour. The agreement not to Brexit should-date on the 29. March 2019 under the roof, in danger of a disorderly exit, with chaotic consequences for the economy and many other areas of life.

Pope Francis

For the Pope Francis to start the new year turbulent. In the middle of the biggest crisis of his pontificate he has to change his speakers. The current head of the press office, Greg Burke, and his Deputy, Paloma García Ovejero, however, did not completely surprising their Offices. In his speech to the new year, he stressed the value of mothers.

“In the fragmented life of today, where we run the risk of losing the thread, is the embrace of the mother significantly,” said the Pontiff in his new year mass in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. “There is so much fragmentation, and loneliness: The world is very connected, but always seems to be factional. Since it is necessary that we entrust ourselves to the mother.”

The Pope is in turbulent times: in 2018, was marked by abuse scandals in several countries, which does not seem to get Francis in the handle. At the end of February for a summit on the topic held in the Vatican. The expectations that the Catholic Church finds a way out of the crisis, are high.

Jair Bolsonaro

A radical new start for Brazil’s new President Jair Bolsonaro announced. He wanted to clean up the government and put a stop to a policy that “has brought corruption and inefficiency to Brazil,” said the ultra-right politician in an Interview with Record TV. He wanted to piece the machinery of government, and a “maximum cutting red tape” to prevail.

Bolsonaros term of office will begin according to the Constitution, with the 1. January. To celebrate its inauguration on the Esplanada dos Ministérios in the capital, Brasília, up to 500,000 people are expected.

Xi Jinping

The U.S. and China, the new year’s day also commemorates the commencement of their diplomatic relations 40 years ago. The two States took advantage of the anniversary to further Expand their collaboration to announce. Regardless of the smoldering Trade dispute between the countries was emphasized by the Chinese head of state, Xi Jinping according to the official Xinhua news Agency, in a message on the importance of cooperation with the United States to strengthen the mutual relations and to promote stability.

Trump praised according to Xinhua, the past four decades of diplomacy between China and the United States and welcomed its “solid friendship” with Xi. The two heads of state had agreed at the beginning of December on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Argentina on a truce in the Trade dispute and the suspension of further punitive tariffs agreed. In January want to put negotiators from Washington and Beijing.

The two largest economic powers in the earth had been occupied before, with additional import duties on goods with a total value of more than $ 300 billion (262 billion euros). The trade dispute sent temporarily to the stock exchanges on a descent and impacted the global economy.


warnings received Trump of Kim Jong-Un . North Korea’s rulers threatened in the dispute over the nuclear weapons programme of his country and a shift away from the approach course, if the USA hold on to their sanctions. In his new year’s address, Kim reiterated the intention to work for nuclear disarmament and the continuation of summit diplomacy with the US. In addition, he stressed, to be able to Trump at any time meet. But he accused Washington of wanting Commitments, and do not abide by Pyongyang’s unilateral disarmament steps to be squeezed out.


The need for international cooperation and a tolerant with each other was Chancellor of Angela Merkel in the focus of their new year’s speech. “The challenges of our time, we will only succeed if we stick together and with others across borders to work together,” said Merkel. Values such as openness, tolerance, and respect would have made the country strong “for you, we need to work together”.

In the speech, Merkel also suggested the self-critical tones. She knew that many citizens would have been at odds in the expiration year with the Federal government. “First, we have taken a long time to form a government, and as we had them, because there was a fight and a lot of preoccupation with ourselves,” she said. State servants should do all in their Power for the inner peace and the cohesion of the country.


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