Shopping Malaysia Goodson from the US drove the state of Connecticut with their one year old daughter to New York. When she tried, the girl velvet children, the levels of the car to the subway Station, 7th Avenue zuwuchten down, crashed.

around 20 o’clock on Monday, the 22-Year-old was found dead by the police, unconscious. In the hospital, only her death could be found. Daughter Rhylee survived the fall with minor injuries. It is the family to be now in the care of her father.

it is Still unclear whether the young mother Accidentally fell down the stairs, or, for example, for health reasons and lost her balance. In order to gain clarity about the cause of death to be an autopsy on the body now.

The incident inflamed the criticism of the desolate state of the New York mass transit system: The subway Station, 7th Avenue and has, like so many others in the city is no lift. Mayor Bill de Blasio expressed shock over the “tragedy” and stated that this accident would have been avoided. “The subway System is not accessible to all, which does not allow for the MTA,” he wrote with a view to the authority responsible, the “Metropolitan Transportation Authority” on Twitter.

The MTA said in a statement that it is cooperating with the investigators in order to clarify the cause of the tragedy. A first inspection of the stairs and the floor texture on the U-Bahn-Station have not revealed any defects, said a spokesman. In General, the staircases would be checked every three days.

Currently, only 118 of 472 of the New York subway have stations via elevators. This makes it difficult for mothers with children, but also people with disabilities, access. An Expansion is planned.


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