It is not Whether, but only How to do it: Facebook’s new chief Lobbyist, Nick Clegg revealed on Monday open for the regulation of the Online network by state Agencies – as long as this keeps within limits.

Facebook is preparing, according to the former British Deputy Prime Minister, in those areas with governments to cooperate, in which it is to be inferred for a private company, no sense of self-set rules.

Between China and Silicon Valley

Clegg has said with reference to China, there is the choice between a properly regulated technology sector – with a Balance of privacy, free expression, and Innovation – as well as an Alternative, in the case of the basic guarantees such as privacy and fundamental rights are violated. The EU must find a way to connect your regulation will with the dynamics of the Silicon Valley.

On Friday it was reported that Facebook is considering to integrate its services and the technical infrastructure behind its Chat services WhatsApp, and Messenger, as well as the communication function in Instagram. Each service has more than a billion users. Such a step might raise new questions, both for privacy as well as to the competition.

Facebook meets precautionary measures to the European election

Prior to the European elections in may, Facebook wants to introduce new instruments against trying choice influence. Clegg, according to political Facebook should be authorized to View from the end of March. In addition, will be apparent to anyone who has paid for the advertising. Later, the advertisement will be stored for up to seven years in a publicly accessible database.

Also in the fight against disinformation campaigns the company is trying to demonstrate good will: Facebook has announced two new election observation centers in its offices in Dublin and Singapore, the digital campaign-campaigns are intended to monitor.


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