North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un at the invitation of the Chinese heads of state, followed by Xi Jinping, and for four days after China traveled. The South Korean news Agency Yonhap reported, citing North Korean state media. Kim visited China, therefore, to Thursday. According to the North Korean Agency KCNA, he is accompanied among others by his wife Ri Sol-Ju and several high-level employees.

Previously, had been a fourth Meeting between Kim and Xi speculated, after a special train from North Korea on Monday evening, after China entered the country.

China is the main ally of North Korea. Kim visited the powerful neighbour in the past year, three times to meet with Xi. None of the trips had been announced in advance. The first visit in March had become known, after the armored train of Kim’s had been spotted in Beijing. It is his first foreign trip since he came of 2011.

Kim and Xi in Beijing (March 2018)

topic of conversation Trump?

At the current Meeting could vote both politicians about the upcoming second summit of Kim’s meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump. The place will still be negotiated, had Trump said on Sunday. “It may not be announced in the not too distant future.” The dialogue with North Korea over well, assured Trump. There is speculation that it could take place in Vietnam. A date is not fixed yet.

In its historic first summit in June in Singapore, Trump and Kim had, generally, to the goal of nuclear disarmament on the Korean Peninsula, agreed. However, concrete Commitments, when the North Korean nuclear weapons Arsenal will be disposed of and how the services of the United States might look like, were so far.


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