After the car bomb attack in the Northern Irish city of Derry, two Suspects have been arrested. The two men between 20 and 30 had been taken on Sunday, informed the police in the British province. Investigators suspect a splinter group of the Irish Republican underground organization, the IRA is for the fact responsible. The Explosion occurred on Saturday evening in front of a court building in the centre of the second largest city in Northern Ireland. Were injured no one.

the focus of the investigation, the so-called New IRA, Northern Ireland’s Deputy police chief Mark Hamilton said. “This attack was incredibly dangerous.” Fortunately, no one had been injured. The crime scene was cordoned off on Sunday remains, explosives experts examined the car wreck. Politicians of all parties condemned the incident.

Bloody Sunday

In the North of Ireland had fought each other for decades, Irish Catholic nationalists and Protestant loyalists. 3500 people died in the conflict. The city of Derry, called by the Protestants in Londonderry, was in 1972 the scene of the “Bloody Sunday”. At the time, shot British soldiers on unarmed participants in a non-approved Demonstration. 14 people were killed.

The conflict in Northern Ireland, was completed in 1998 by the good Friday agreement. It ensures, among other things, a sharing of Power between Protestants and Catholics. The IRA that had fought for decades by force for a detachment of Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom, renounced violence in 2005, officially.

Video: police investigating suspected car bomb


The explosive device was on Saturday evening at 20.10 local time (21.10 GMT) in the Bishop Street in the city center detonated. No one was hurt. 15 minutes before the Explosion had received a warning, the police began the evacuation of surrounding buildings.

Hamilton said that, among other things, hundreds of hotel guests, and very many of the children of the youth clubs had to be brought to safety. The car in which the bomb was placed had been stolen, therefore, probably a short time before in the vicinity.

The 85 000 inhabitants of the city of Londonderry lies in the North-West of the province on the border with the Republic of Ireland. Irish Republicans, who do not recognise the British government in Northern Ireland, call the city Derry.


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