will it hits the hardest, since his farm is adjacent to a distance of 280 metres of the affected road. Neighbors will have to pay according to the report, between 20,000 and 35,000 Euro.

“I’m stunned! We feel taken advantage of. The law needs to change” will to “image”-newspaper.

One of his neighbors told the newspaper that the local residents would have to take over instead of the usual 50 even 85 percent of the cost, since the road rehabilitation had been identified as a new building.

local residents threatened with suit

From the official side stated that the committees would review the project once again. Will announced to sue, if necessary.

Municipal regulations, forcing local residents to contribute to the cost of road renovations, there is always criticism. In the past year, a case provided in Stade headlines. At that time, among other things, a 96-year-old country should host 100,000 euros for the reconstruction of a road to pay. Guilt is a Statute from the 19th century. Century.

How high is the residents ‘ contributions in the case of road repairs fail is vary from municipality to municipality. Some States have advanced to this practice is now a bar.

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