In the United States has become a so-called Shutdown because of the budget dispute more and more likely. The opposition Democrats rejected on Tuesday the request of the US President, Donald Trump for an alternative financing of the planned construction of the wall on the border to Mexico. “This is not going to happen,” said the leader of the Democrats in the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

Previously, Trump had signaled his spokeswoman Sarah Sanders relent in the budget dispute. The President had requested from Congress, originally, the grant of five billion dollars for the construction of a portion of the wall. Now Sanders in the TV channel Fox News said that there were “other means” for the procurement of five billion dollars. The Congress could, for example, assign a billion dollars (880 million euros) in unspent funds.

“We don’t want to close the government. We want to close the border against illegal immigration,” said Sanders. The White house said, Trump asked all the authorities to see if they have for this purpose money. The President himself said on Tuesday about the threat of a Shutdown: “It is too early to say anything. We’ll see what happens.” (For more on trump’s behavior in the budget dispute, click here.)


Pelosi and the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, rejected the proposal of the White house. They could not accept “the offer of a billion-Dollar bribe Fund for the implementation of the very wrong immigration policy of the President,” said Pelosi.

Without a new budget law, until midnight on Friday (local time) it comes to a Shutdown, a shutdown of about a quarter of the Federal authorities, including homeland security and the justice Department. Employees would then be sent into the forced leave, as well as Offices and institutions closed. Not the Pentagon, education, health, and the Ministry of labour would be affected, because for these ministries already in September, a longer-term budget was adopted.

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walled in view of the impending shutdown trump is the Republicans want to move the US President to relent. The majority leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, said on Tuesday that he would consult with the office of the President about what kind of budget law Trump the will was to be signed.

The Democrats don’t want to give Trump the requested partial financing of the masonry project in the amount of five billion dollars. You are only willing to approve him for about $ 1.6 billion for other measures for border security. You don’t want this money to be used for the border wall.

Nancy Pelosi

The dispute had escalated in the past week, at a Meeting of the President with Pelosi and Schumer. In front of the cameras in the Oval Office the leader of the opposition Trumps a claim denied by the billion for the wall. The President said in the battle of words, he will take the responsibility when it come to a Shutdown, he would be “proud” of the government in the interest of border security, paralyze.

Video of Trump’s threat: “I would be proud of, the government, shutting down”


Republicans currently control both Congress chambers. The newly elected Congress occurs only at the 3. January. For all of the budgetary legislation 60 of the 100 votes needed in the Senate. The Republicans have 51 seats, so need at least nine votes of the Opposition.

According to the Constitution of the new Congress, budget, compromise is likely to be even more difficult. Because the majority of Republicans in the Senate grow to 53 seats in the house of representatives, the Democrats will be in the majority.


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