In the battle for the wall on the border to Mexico, he would be “proud of the government to paralyze”. It had said US President Donald Trump just over a week ago, the democratic leaders of the Senate and of the house of representatives. Now the Senate has approved a budget, but still a so-called “Shutdown threatens to continue”. Because Paul Ryan, speaker of the house of representatives said: “The President, the law will not sign it.”

On Wednesday evening, the U.S. Senate had passed with a large majority a bill that would guarantee the continuation of the business of government until the beginning of February 2019. Money for the construction of the wall is not provided therein. This Thursday or Friday should actually vote the house of representatives. This is, however, difficult.

Trump calls for five billion dollars to his election promise to make it come true. Such Post is not provided for in the by the Senate sanctioned budget. The members resisted the pressure of Trumps.

the outgoing Chairman of The chamber, Republican Paul Ryan, said after the Meeting, Trump had made it clear that he is not going to draw the template from the Senate, until border security is taken care of. Now will be discussed in the house of representatives. The spokesperson of the White house, Sarah Sanders, said after the Meeting: “We urgently need money for border security, and that involves a wall.”

The Problem is that Until late Friday, at midnight, a new law must be found. Then, the funding for some authorities. There is no new solution that threatens a partial Shutdown. The border protection competent Department of homeland security.

A “Shutdown” means that the Federal government may only make the most necessary expenditure. Tens of thousands of government employees would have to stay home and would not be at least paid temporarily.

hours before Ryan’s public Statements dam Trump is not on Twitter at the Republican leadership that the United States would have enough for their own border protection company. And, although the President of the wall had been promised to the end of the year. (For more on trump’s behavior in the budget dispute, click here.)

Until next month, trump is the Republicans still have a majority in the Senate and in the house of representatives. In order to adopt a budget law, they need the support of the Democrats. In the new year, the Democrats take over then, as a result of the Midterms, the majority in the Senate .


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