they stand for the desire of the Japanese authorities to give people a pleasant feeling of security.

FOCUS Online 14 countries, 14 Reporter – solutions, which can be for our society as a model

FOCUS Online launches a new and constructive Reportage series. The target: perspectives for Germany’s social and societal future. What other countries do better and what you can learn Germany from international models? To find answers, travel 14 FOCUS-Online-a Reporter in 14 different countries.

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This is much closer physical and emotional contact with the citizens is an important reason for this is that the people in Japan feel more secure than people in most other countries. The police officers of the Chuzaijyos living with the family in the service. The Kobans are occupied in the layer system. In the smaller Kobans a slide master only, sometimes two officers on guard, others are filled with up to a dozen police officers. You are problems the contact person for everyday life, including driving directions, but also View or intervene in the crime.

An important Element of regular patrols and home visits. The police officers distribute also forms, on which the residents personal Details such as Name, number of persons in the household, the profession, or emergency contacts. All of the stories from the series of “14 countries, 14 Reporter”


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