The Deputy CDU leaders, Armin Laschet and Thomas Strobl and Julia Klöckner, have held against the charge of Friedrich Merz, the party had taken note of the rise of the AfD is more or less indifferent to the attention. Laschet and Strobl said a few hours prior to the meetings of the CDU in Berlin on the question of whether they would have taken the development of the AfD with a shrug: “no.”

On the weekend, and Merz, who is running for the CDU party Chairman had said, the Deutschland radio, the CDU have taken the election successes of the AfD in the Federal government and the länder “with a shrug of the shoulders”. The party had been content to be only so strong that without them could not be ruled. “This is me a little something,” said Merz.

Laschet said the allegation: “We have fought the on-site and continue to do so as well,” Strobl said the same thing. Klöckner said, everyone – including journalists – would have to ask who got what share of the fact that the AfD is getting so big.

“, Will also be losers in this Congress”

The CDU meets the beginning of December in Hamburg, in order to determine a new candidate for the party presidency. In addition to Merz, the Secretary-General to run Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Minister of health, Jens Spahn for the successor to Angela Merkel. Currently, tours of the candidate by the Federal Republic of Germany and present at regional conferences of the CDU supporters. The tone between the candidates was the most rough – like what each party member. For example, the Deputy CDU, criticised Mr Laschet-in-chief: we should All make sure that the party will stay together after the election. “There will also be losers in this Congress. It is even more important that all that are in the competition, are also then ready for the CDU to continue to work.”

Strobl said he did not consider the duel between the candidates as a “sporting competition” is good for the CDU. In the circle of associations there was a lively and fair discussion. On Tuesday evening, regional conferences of the CDU go on to present the candidate with an event in Böblingen. On the question of whether it was good that the issue of asylum games in the round a large roller, said Strobl, those topics would be discussed, to be addressed by the members. “There are no taboo topics.” It is not only the issue of asylum, but rather a wide range of topics.

Klöckner did not speak of a dispute among the candidates. If they made their position clear, there must be differences. “This is not a dispute”, but a normal procedure.

No coalition with the AfD, or on the left of the party

in addition to the provision of a new CDU-Chairman, the delegates are at the beginning of December in Hamburg on a number of topics and the future direction of the party to discuss. On the Agenda for the Congress advised on Monday morning, the Federal Executive Board and spoke out against “coalitions and similar forms of cooperation with the left party and the AfD”. The background of the upcoming Landtag elections in Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia. It is conceivable that the CDU days in this country can not form majorities without one of the two parties. Leading CDU politicians from East Germany had this already a few months ago a debate on whether new coalitions, such as the Left could not be in the future is conceivable.

the Federal Executive, requested on Monday, according to information from groups of Participants, that in Hamburg, the draft resolution of the Union Bundestag group, on the UN-migration Pact to debate and, where appropriate, put to the vote. This had required the Minister of health Spahn and the Deputy Union faction leader Carsten Linnemann. “If necessary,” Germany should accept the Pact later, had Spahn required.

The UN-Pact is a UN-conference on the 10. and 11. December be accepted in Morocco, officially. In the discussion of the Text had been repeatedly criticised the Federal government didn’t communicate the agreement is sufficient, and so the AfD allows you to spread wrong information about it.

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