The Free voters, the join the government since the autumn in Bavaria, the action to MIRROR information for years in Grand style with securities securing State funding, in the millions.

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The Trick works as follows: According to the law, parties have the corresponding results of the election be entitled to subsidies from the state Treasury. The state funding must not exceed the revenue generated by the a party from its own power, such as from donations or membership fees.

If, therefore, a good election result would lead to higher government grants, as a party of revenue, will cut the grants up to the amount of these revenues.

in Order to prevent this capping, inventing parties and sometimes trick rich designs that allow you to do your income artificially high. The AfD is about bought and sold in a great style Gold and the sale, we recorded revenue as “revenue from business activity” (SPIEGEL 45/2014).

2015 made a change in the law such transactions for parties unattractive. In the same year, the Free voters, started its securities trading. Transactions in the context of the internal party management of assets not affected by the change in the law apparently.

1.6 million euros government grants

So the party bought in November 2015, the German government bonds with a total value of about 1.47 million euros and joined only a few days later for almost the same price. The purchase price of the Free voters recorded as the output for the “asset management”, the proceeds as “income from other assets”. The 1.47 million Euro were at the time, post your, by far the largest Revenue.

thanks to the business, the Free voters, whose Chef Hubert Aiwanger is, in the meantime, the Bavarian Minister of economic Affairs received state grants in the amount of 1.6 million euros – one Million more than without the transaction.

At the request of the Federal Executive of the party confirmed the value of paper transactions, some of which were of a similar magnitude also in 2016, 2017 and 2018. They had not, however, served the purpose of high state subsidies to absorb it, but “only the sustainable protection of our resources, in the context of financial planning”.

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