the WORLD: populism is a cipher for everything that is in the mood in the country, in the parties and also in the choice of words to Slip. How do you explain this disinhibition, this enormous polarisation of society almost overnight?

the churchyard: We have great differences in the society. Anyone who works in the industry, deserves better than a service provider, although the effort and the empathy are similar. We are experiencing a significant gap between country and city. Despite the high level of our welfare state, we have a precariat. And, more recently, the gap between the East and the West seems to be growing, although the state is making great efforts for the rapprochement of living conditions.

This dissatisfaction is used by political forces to formulate only the Negation of the Existing, but not responsibility for solutions. These half-measures are not convincing.

the WORLD: you forget to refugees and migrants!

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