After the dry summer threatens now to Christmas in Parts of Bavaria and on the Rhine in Baden-Württemberg high water. In Kempten in the Allgäu houses in the area of the Upper Iller could be flooded, warned of the flood intelligence Bavaria. The two highest reporting levels three to four.

the reason for the risk of rain and thaw. “In 24 hours, two-thirds of about of what else falls in a month of rain,” said a spokesman of the German weather service. For the districts of Donau-Ries, as well as Regensburg, Weiden, Ansbach, Germany and Kronach, the service issued a warning to the reporting stage two.

For the Rhine, it is expected to months with extremely low water first flood wave stalls at the Christmas holidays. Persistent and heavy rain could make the river at the gauge Maxau (Karlsruhe) on 25. and 26. December, according to the forecast of the flood forecasting Central Baden-Württemberg (HVZ) in the direction of the eight-Meter rise.

Since the beginning of the month, the water had greatly fluctuated. On Saturday, the level showed at times already in the five meters. For Sunday and Monday, according to the HVZ continued to be expected at the end of and area had heavy rains. The water levels will rise, therefore, in part, to “quickly and strongly”. Especially smaller and medium-sized streams and rivers in the black forest could occur on the shore, this also applies to the Eastern tributaries of the river Neckar.


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