Peter Wright, the number three in the world rankings and one of the most colorful characters to the already colorful dart world. “Snakebite” Wright is called, stands for Party, loud elevators and the arrogance of self-confidence. Together with his wife Joanne, he invented the art of figure “Snakebite”, on the big stages to deliver, he was from the occasional jobber to the millionaire.

This is the a side.

And then there’s the private Wright, a polite, shy, rather introverted person. Almost these qualities of character were with him on the way to the Star of his sports to be disastrous. But first of the series.

Wright was born in 1970 in Scotland’s Livingston. His father he knows only from photos. When he was five years old, his mother fled with him to London. The family was Wright’s mother too young to raise him, and wanted to take him away from her. In an interview with the MIRROR, Wright said that he could remember his childhood days hardly, maybe a lot of things got displaced.

“We lived in the best area, were in need of help, got money from the state – for the apartment, food, everything. It was really hard.” His first arrows got Wright to 13. Birthday. Because his mother couldn’t afford a Board, he painted at the beginning, targets on trees. With 15 he played in a pub team and showed his great Talent, and two years later he was one of the best players in London. But it lacked self-confidence; and someone who encouraged him to try it as a professional.

Peter Wright in the year 2010

in 1995, he was the first way into the spotlight, he qualified for the world Cup, the British Darts Organisation (BDO). The then 25-Year-old lost – dressed in black and without extravagant hairstyle – in round one against the eventual world champion Richie Burnett. For the time being, it was a one-time appearance on a big stage. Over ten years, Wright played only on a regional Level and earned his money with occasional jobs.

Ultimately, it was his wife Joanne, who encouraged him to try it seriously as a professional. In 2007, the two watched the Grand Slam of Darts on television. As Wright told his wife that he had beaten most of the players that were there on the screen, and pushed him to realize his dream.

“He’s never had someone who supported him,” said Joanne Wright in 2017, the “Telegraph”. “Everyone told him that he will never make it. He was just too shy. We had to give him self-confidence.”

The Transformation takes created two hours

And so was “Snakebite”. Joanne is cut, a hairdresser and missed Peter’s colorful hair and the Mohawk. The extravagant Shirts and pants. On the left side of the head painted snake completed the Outfit. From the shy and self-doubting, Peter was in front of Darts tournaments of the extroverted Entertainer “Snakebite”.

For the external Transformation, the Wrights need about two hours before each game. For the interior it took me years. Wright played in 2008, only 1200 pounds in prize money. In the following years, he established himself on the Tour, but at the end of each season, a Minus still. At the beginning of 2013, the Wrights decide that you have a last season to try it yet. At the end of the year Snakebite is a complete surprise in the world Cup final, conceded for 100,000 pounds and is the favourite of the audience.

At his professional colleagues is not Wright’s posturing is always good. Michael van Gerwen threw him a lack of respect, fellow countryman Gary Anderson gave him the advice to keep his mouth shut. And, in fact, “Snakebite” is polarized in the Darts scene, perhaps also because he arrives at the Fans as well. Often he is told that he will eventually be number one. And apart from Phil Taylor there is no player who deserves his respect.

in 2018, was not the best year for Wright. He won only three tournaments, was rarely top of the class. Unlike in the past years, he is considered one of the top favorites. But what doubts may Wright: If “Snakebite” in the evening against Toni Alcina’s (about 22.30 clock, Live Ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE) on the way towards the stage, when “Don’t Stop The Party” “Pitbull” blaring from the speakers, when thousands of Fans cheer for him, then Snakebite will be “encouraging” the crowd to welcome his Hüpftanz and convinced that he is the best player in the world.

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