Russian men aged 16 to 60 years of age are not permitted to travel in the Ukraine. The Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko informed. In order to prevent Russians on Ukrainian soil fighting at the end of “private armies”, tweeted Poroshenko. The only exceptions are humanitarian cases, such as participation in funerals.

in Principle, the scheme had been in force since April 2014. However, Russian men were able to enter with proof of the Purpose of your trip. Since January of this year, all the Russians need to give your fingerprints at the border. Many Ukrainians have close family ties to Russia, and Vice versa. The daughter-in-law of President Petro Poroshenko and the father-in-law of Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin are Russian citizens.

The Ukrainian Parliament decided on Monday to impose from Wednesday for 30 days of martial law in Parts of the country. The reason for this is an incident from Sunday The Russian coast guard had ships denied in the Kerch Strait between the Crimean Peninsula in the Black sea and the Russian coast, three of the Ukrainian Navy, the entrance to the Azov sea and the boats shot.

Several Ukrainian naval soldiers were injured and a total of 24 crew members detained. You should come due to violation of the Russian border before the court and were transferred for detention in a prison in Moscow. The Crimea, said-Ombudsman Lyudmila Lubina to Russian media reports. None of them believe more in the detention facility of Simferopol on the Crimean Peninsula. In the case of a process in Russia for up to six years in prison. Among them are service, according to the Ukrainian Official also intelligence officers.

The Situation in Ukraine

Russia-controlled areas

source: Live Universal Awareness Map, do your own Research. Booth: 26. November 2018 ONLINE

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the Ukraine, you’ve responded with the law of war is exaggerated on the military incident in the Black sea. It was nothing more than a border incident, Putin said at a financial forum in Moscow. The Russian units had only “done their military duty”. The protection of the Russian border guard, “the legitimate object” of the coast.

Ukrainian President Poroshenko had previously warned that Russia may be planning a large-scale attack on his country. Russia is laying unusually large number of troops to the border, said Poroshenko. The Ukraine is a “large scale war” with Russia threatened. He asked Germany for help: “Germany is one of our closest allies and we hope that in the Nato now, States are ready to move Navy ships into the sea of Azov, to the Ukraine to assist, and to provide for security,” Poroshenko said in the Bild newspaper.

Putin, in turn, Poroshenko alleged that he had staged a provocation of the Navy in the Black sea, in order to increase in front of the Ukrainian presidential election in March next year, his popularity ratings. The Ukrainian ships had illegally entered Russian waters and, therefore, clearly in the wrong, – said Putin. Ukraine denies that. Russia was in advance of the planned travel of the ships, informed the Ukrainian Navy. The Strait of Kerch and the Azov sea will be defined in an agreement from 2003 as a joint territorial waters.

Due to the conflict has to be cancelled, US President, Donald Trump to Meet with Putin at the G20 summit in Argentina.

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