A Polish report team has released footage from a slaughterhouse that could make for a meat scandal. In the post, apparently sick animals are smuggled in a Polish Slaughterhouse and without veterinary inspection of the disassembled and prepared for sale.

in the show “Superwizjer” and on the TV station TVN24 broadcast footage shows cows that can no longer keep on the legs, and cuffed legs with the help of a winch from animal transporters to be moved.

You can also see how an animal reached van in the darkness, the Slaughterhouse. In the meat plant, an infiltrated Informant filmed also, as workers in the cattle disassemble and tumors, and the pressure to remove. Without further investigation, the meat will be awarded with stamps for consumption is safe and Packed, told the informer in the post. According to the research, this home appear to be slaughtered without veterinary supervision.

Regular night shifts

The competent veterinary’ve only signed on the next Morning the necessary papers, so that the meat could be sold, so the Informant, who worked a total of three weeks in the operation. In these three weeks he had counted in three night shifts a total of 28 cows that could no longer keep due to illness on the legs. In the following weeks, more night would have taken place layers without him.

For farmers are sick animals there is a double loss: they can’t be sold, in addition, the holder must pay for their disposal. In the contribution, the Informant reported, not infrequently, these animals would be purchased cheap and, with the help of corrupt vets in the sale. In the taste of sick meat would differ from healthy. According to the “Superwizjer” there in Poland up to 300 traders, who conveyed the sick animals to slaughterhouses.

experts have turned to the sighting of this paper to the Polish government, because they fear damage to health for consumers, reported the British “Guardian”. Chris Elliott, Professor of food safety at the University of Belfast, told the “Guardian”, if there is evidence to suggest that the meat left from the contribution from Poland, this could have EU-wide safety alerts, and many food safety authorities to deal with.

Poland exports about 80 percent of all produced beef, the “Guardian”. According to the trade database of the United Nations Comtrade in the year 2017, more than 415 million pounds of Fresh or frozen beef.

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