Almost three-quarters of the Germans in coal-fired power plants is not a model for the Future. In a survey for the “ZDF-Politbarometer” said 73 per cent of respondents that they keep a quick exit from coal-fired power generation is important or very important. 18 percent for the early Shutdown of the coal-fired power plants, therefore, are less important, and 7 percent said it was not important.

Also in the “Germany trend” of the ARD, which was released on Thursday evening, a majority for the Coal phase-out. In this survey, six out of ten election gave legitimate that you want from a climate protection and nature conservation are the fastest possible Shutdown of the coal – fired power plants reasons. A good third would hold due to possible supply shortages and the loss of jobs, longer on the brown coal.

The most Important thing to the Coal phase-master plan for the coal exit costs for the taxpayers of the future of the coal regions

In the coal is particularly affected länder of Brandenburg, Saxony and Saxony-exit-Anhalt, the mood is different. There, only 34 percent favoured according to the ARD survey, for a speedy exit, 61 percent wanted to hold on to brown coal mining.

this Friday could be some of the coal Commission of the Federal government on a pioneering concept for the Coal phase-out and a final exit date. The 28-member panel came together to perhaps crucial meeting. It is unclear whether the Commission can agree on a final report. Participants are expected to be very long negotiations. A postponement until the coming Friday is considered to be possible.

Controversial is, exactly when and in which steps of the climate-damaging coal-fired power generation to drop out. A third of Germany’s electricity is generated in coal-fired power plants.

Federal Minister for economic Affairs, Peter Altmaier (CDU), spoke of the difficult problems that need to be solved. It is going to bring three important goals: climate protection, the creation of new Jobs in the coal regions, as well as the security of supply and affordability of power supply.

The energy revolution will succeed, if there is a large consensus of all societal actors. It is now important that the independent Commission will come to good results. The Federal government will deal swiftly with this said Altmaier: “it is Important that we communicate in the next few weeks, with a large consensus in society on what has priority, what are the steps to follow.”

Prior to the meeting of the panel, there were rallies. Members of the IG BCE trade Union protested loudly against a rapid Carbon phase-out. Members of the environmental organization Greenpeace reminded, however, of the responsibility for climate protection.

In the Commission representatives of industry, unions, environmental associations and science are represented. The panel was set up last summer by the government. It must point the way for an exit from coal, as well as for a structural change in the affected regions.


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