Venezuela’s under-pressure President Nicolás Maduro has warned the US indirectly of a military Intervention in the South American country: “we are not a Vietnam in Latin America,” he said in a “the American people”, addressed a video message, which was posted on Facebook.

in order for Maduro to also played on the U.S. role in the Vietnam war, which was seen as a proxy war during the Cold war, and in 1975 came to an end. In the conflict, millions of Vietnamese and tens of thousands of US soldiers were killed.

His country is the target of a media and psychological war, Maduro said. Every day would be invented images and messages. “There is a campaign has been prepared, in order to justify a government-Donald trump prepared, financed and actively supported the coup in Venezuela,” said Maduro. In the four-minute-long Film-he asked the American people to support against interference by US President Donald Trump.

Trump praises its own role in the power struggle

Trump had spoken with a view on the power struggle between Maduro and the opposition of Parliament President, Juan Guaidó a travel warning for Venezuela. “Americans should not travel until further notice, according to Venezuela,” said Trump on Twitter. Massive protests would be expected.

Trump took in his message that Maduro of Guaidó-led Opposition, has offered talks, and attributed this to the pressure of the USA. “Maduro is willing to negotiate after the US imposed sanctions and the access to Oil revenues has been cut,” he wrote.

Maduro had stated in an Interview that he does not want to give in to the demand for an early presidential election. In Venezuela, a power raging battle between Maduro’s government and of the United States and many other countries supported Guaidó, had declared last Wednesday to interim President.

Several European countries – including Germany, France, Spain and the UK – had Maduro made an Ultimatum. The threat: If he’s up for the weekend, no free and fair elections,calls you want to recognize Guaidó as head of state.


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