About 10,000 Times a day we blink. Such eye blinks are used, among other things, to not wet the eyeballs, so that they dry out. In addition, we wipe so even fine particles on the eye path, which are then removed via the tear fluid. But the blink seems to have behavior also influences our Speech.

results from the Max-Planck-Institute for psycholinguistics in Nijmegen. The Team of Paul Hömke was able to show that subjects gave shorter answers to questions, if the individual eye blinks lasted your opponent longer. Slower blink signal may be the interlocutor, that you have understood the answer, the researchers write in the journal “PLOS One”.

To find out, let Hömke and his Team of 35 subjects with computer-generated conversation partners, so-called avatars that talk. The avatars were questions like: “How was your weekend, what did you do?” Subsequently, the subjects responded without knowing to what it was in the case of the Experiment actually.

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While some of the answers of the subjects the avatars responded by nodding from time to time, and in each case, short – (208 milliseconds) blinked. In some of the answers Blinkin, who accompanied the Nod, but also longer (607 milliseconds).

In the evaluation of the data Hömke noted that the answers, in the case where the Avatar showed long lashes blows, were on average several seconds shorter. The Avatar blinked while the answers vary, however, noticed none of the subjects consciously.

The researchers believe that a slower blink could convey to the speaker the feeling to be understood. It was not, however, exclude that Nod sends in combination with long Squints simply the Signal, with the Talk to stop.


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