Berlin (dpa) – In the dining or bistro car of the Deutsche Bahn, the passengers will encounter from December, to a new deal. The selection in the menu is a bit smaller. The railway relies even more on the body the dishes, but in the refined versions.

The price level in the on-Board restaurant will be lowered “at constant quality”, the company announced at a product presentation in Berlin. To what extent this happens, left open the path.

in Addition to the lure offered in the 650 on-Board restaurants and Bistros in your ICE and intercity trains for a few weeks, with special and, for example, the coffee in this time for 2.50 instead of 3.00 Euro. On the menu more often, classics such as sausage or Chili con Carne to be found, however, in a modern variant – the sausage with Tortilla sprinkles the Chili with a dollop of sour cream.

Fewer different dishes in the galley, simplified logistics, said the marketing chief of the railway long-distance transport division, Michael Peterson. This could be the most popular food in storage. So guests will no longer have to be less disappointed if your request is in stock. On the menu there will be a mixture of Snacks and main dishes. All of the food could now will also be taken to the court, said Peterson.

The railway also wants to be a better host, a more personal appearance. “We want to take care of the guests”, explained the head of Service-strategy in long-distance transport, Ramona Fellner. The on-Board caterers and conductors would be trained accordingly. You should talk less train German and likely to be welcomed to the Region of the passengers in the future with “Moin, Moin” or “Grüß Gott”.

train-in-chief Richard Lutz had known earlier to the offer of food and drinks on Board: “as Long as I am train chef, will be catering in the trains, the is no question about that.” At the event, on Thursday, he said the railway was ready to create the conditions for more passengers in the trains, such as the wishes of the Federal government. The capacity of the rail network and the vehicles would have to be increased.

It was not to be overlooked, “that we have arrived in some areas and in certain situations, at the limit of the load.” More capacity is the key for the solution of these problems.

The railway showed on the presentation, how you modernized the first IC Generation currently, so these cars can remain in service for several years. The trains, for example monitors, providing real-time information about the travel history, the nearest railway stations and ports. In addition, all new toilets be installed.

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