one Of his most important books was entitled “The immortal rumor – The question of God and the deception of the Modern age”. The 2005 published work was a question of basic philosophical reflection on God and proof of God, a theme to which Robert Spaemann in his over 60 years of comprehensive always returned.

Yet in a late Interview with the MIRROR, he mused, in the year 2014 on the existence of a human parent spiritual instance: “God, I can think of, but I have no idea of God.”

For Spaemann was always the rationality of faith in the heart of the thinking. Pope Benedict XVI appreciated his Engagement in public policy and value debates, and invited him as a consultant.

Robert Spaemann was on 5. May 1927 born in Berlin, received a doctorate in 1952 in Münster and worked for four years as a publisher, copy-editor. In 1962 he habilitated in philosophy and pedagogy, and taught thereafter until in the mid nineties as a full Professor at the universities of Stuttgart, Heidelberg and Munich.

his major works include “happiness and benevolence. Essay on the ethics” (1989), “people. About the difference between ‘something’ and ‘someone'” (1996) and “limits. The ethical Dimension of action” (2001). Again and again Spaemann, a handle in public discussions, he referred to the rigorous position against the nuclear armament and the use of nuclear energy. He was regarded as one of the first ecologically-oriented philosophers and spoke about abortion, euthanasia, and brain Death.

To his numerous honors include the Karl-Jaspers-prize and the Bavarian Maximilian order for science and art. His publishing house Klett-Cotta, accompanied Spaemann for decades, is currently preparing for the “Collected works in single volumes”. In the spring of 2019-reflection and spontaneity”. Studies of Fénelon”.

On Monday, Robert Staemann died at the age of 91 years in Stuttgart.


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