The Czech government has announced that the migration Pact of the United Nations not to join. The government decided in a Cabinet meeting, as the Deputy head of the government, and the environment, announced by Minister Richard Brabec. In addition to the Czech Republic, among others, the USA, Australia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Austria have declared their opposition.

criticised The minority government’s populist ANO and the social democratic CSSD, the Pact sheath sufficiently between “legal and illegal migrants”. Prime Minister and ANO founder Andrej Babiš had also stated that the Convention to be dangerous to the security and national sovereignty of his country. The Pact was dangerous, although he was not legally binding because it “defines, in fact, Migration as a fundamental human right”.

by The UN member States adopted the migration Pact to meet at a summit on 10. and 11. December be accepted in Morocco. The legally binding document is to help organize the escape and Migration better.

UN-migration Pact the UN-migration Pact

2016 the 193 member States of the United Nations adopted the New York Declaration on refugees and migrants, in order to improve the management of the world of refugees and migration movements.

The global Pact for safe, orderly and controlled migration of the UN is to build on that. The impetus of the International organization for Migration (IOM), which is associated with the UN.

In July 2018, all UN member States agreed to except the United States, the Text as a draft. Later on, other States announced resistance.

In December 2018, the migration Pact should be adopted at a summit in the Moroccan city of Marrakech final.

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