the case of A highway with a chocolate coating, a flying meatball sandwich and a spruce as a Flash: Here, the curious are most traffic announcements of the year.

car lands in top floor of a house

A man is in January by the city of Santa Ana, California dangers – much too fast and under the influence of drugs. He took off with his vehicle and remained in a building facade plug in.

the scene of the accident in Santa Ana

As the police reported, according to the Los Angeles Times, was hit the car against the raised median strip of the main road. As a result, the vehicle lifted off and flew in a dental practice in the upstairs of a house. The driver and his passenger were freed according to the report, with minor injuries from the fire from the wreck.

wife, de-iced with a fan heater in your car and burn it

ice-scraping can be quite annoying – the thought in February, probably also a woman in the lower Saxony town of Varel. So you wanted to help yourself with a Trick. According to police reports, tried to de-ice your combination with a fan heater that you put into the Interior of the car.

the car went up in flames. Even 20 firefighters could not prevent the car from burning completely. Due to the extinguishing and cleaning work, the police locked the affected street for about four hours. Since the extinguishing water froze on the street, had to be coming from employees of the city companies and salt sprinkle.

US police arrested a drunken rider on Freeway

In California is ridden by a drunk man in February, with his horse on a city highway. The police moved the rider and animal.

Drunk rider (l.), a traffic policeman

The California highway patrol had the 29-Year-old stopped on State Route 91. The Patrol conducted a sobriety test for the rider. The result is that The legal Limit was significantly exceeded.

The man was detained due to riding under the influence of alcohol. The horse named Guera was reportedly unharmed. It is the mother of the arrested was handed over.

car thief remains on the stairs stuck

In England, a man tried to steal a car, chose the wrong escape route. He rumbled down a Mini staircase remained between two walls get stuck and never came out of the car.

The incident occurred in March in a Park in the town of Morpeth in the Northern English County of Northumberland. “Rescue workers were on the ground, and the man was freed from the vehicle,” police said. The driver had not been injured. The police took the 31-Year-old in custody.

the plug-in car in Edenkoben

A similar incident occurred in July in Rhineland-Palatinate: A BMW driver trusted his navigation device, apparently, a little too much. The man drove in Edenkoben is set in a narrow street and got stuck. He had clipped a gutter and a wall, police said. A tow truck had maneuvered the vehicle is finally out of the alley.

Unknown plants tree in front of cameras

A two-Meter-high spruce Unknown in the spring to a Federal road, in the Rhineland have planted-Palatinate, in front of a radar trap. All of the measurements were not usable, informed the police headquarters in Trier.

the spruce in front of the radar device

How long the apparently expertly implanted tree stood there, and how many flashed the driver got away, police said. The spruce had been to the busy street, apparently, “in a night and fog action” planted, it said.

highway after Truck accident in chocolate

In a Truck accident in Poland, about twelve tons in may, liquid chocolate running out on a motorway. The truck driver was injured in the accident easily. The cleanup proved to be difficult.

the accident site in Poland

The truck about 60 kilometres East of Posen (Poznan) against a guard rail dangers and turned over. “We have a five-inch-thick layer of liquid chocolate, which is gradually fixed,” said the Deputy head of the local fire Department, Bogdan Kowalski. The highway was blocked while emergency workers tried to remove the about about a Kilometer distributed chocolate with warm water.

Expired chocolate in Werl

came To a similar mishap in December in the North Rhine-Westphalian Werl: About a ton of chocolate delivery as a thick liquid flow out of a building of a chocolate manufacturer on the road. As the cause of a technical Defect was called.

a hotel employee parked Porsche SUV

An employee of the hotel should Park at the end of may in Sydney, the Porsche of a guest. That went thoroughly wrong – in the end, three cars were damaged.

The staff of the luxury hotel Hyatt Regency accelerated the Porsche Carrera, apparently, to violently and collided with an SUV. The sports car slid under the other vehicle and pushed it against another car.


rescue workers freed the staff from the Porsche. The man was “touched embarrassed and a little shocked,” said hotel Director Matthew Talbot.

Maserati hearse on a motorway in Bavaria

killed In an accident on the A9 in upper Franconia, a driver has broken a hearse converted luxury sports car. He was unhurt, the car was considerably damaged.

gold-coloured, body car modified Maserati

The gold shiny Maserati came in October in the mountains, in the district court on a wet road, skidded and crashed into a guardrail, the police announced. The 58-year-old driver was the first investigation, according to to quickly on the go – from the Italian city of Carrara on the way to Berlin to accept a “suitable job”, as it was called.

motorists on the A48 with a meatball sandwich thrown at

An attempt to Overtake on the highway, an outstretched middle finger and a flying meatball sandwich: The police in Koblenz dealt in the middle of November with a special case.

A 21-Year-old was, according to the police, with his car on the highway 48. He was cut, according to the information of another vehicle. During the subsequent attempt to Overtake the front passenger of a cutting car, pelted the 21-Year-olds with an object, as it was said in the message.

Both parties, then went to the police. A search revealed that it was the subject of a meatball sandwich, police said. The “Mettwerfer” expect a criminal case.

radio presenter? 86.700 euros for Parking, pay

Parking for tens of thousands of euros A vending machine in a Cologne Park house has asked WDR-presenter Sabine Heinrich violently to the checkout. The 41-Year-old was only briefly in the Sport.

ticket machine, in Cologne, Park house

86.700 euros, the Parking should be free in the underground garage. In the bar, “max. Note: 20,00 Euro,” as it was called in the Display. “I did not understand the number in the first place and had to laugh,” said the journalist.

After the visit to the gym, Heinrich wanted to get into the car – the car was, according to the machine, supposedly, but since the 1. January 2007, in the Parking lot, exactly 2.33 PM. “As long as I was certainly not the Sport,” said Heinrich. It was a ticket error. She was easily and by no means broke – out of the garage moved out, Heinrich.


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