Almost the only ones who are happy about a U.S. Government shutdown, the owner of the “Capitol Lounge”, a Congress-pub in Washington: Every time, when it comes to the budget stalemate, to bring you a special drinks menu with “Shutdown-Cocktails”.

So also this time. Since midnight (local time) lahm is a large part of the U.S. government, thanks to the chiding of the wall, to Mexico, to the President, Donald Trump, despite all the political realities. Your frustration can drown the parliamentarians now in the “Capitol Lounge”. For example, with a “Border Wall Banger” (champagne, lemon, Soda) or the “Mexico Pay For This” (Tequila, orange juice, Grenadine).

but That is the only comforting aspect. Otherwise, this debacle proves just how broken Washington is. But also, that trump’s “art of the deal”, as he called one of his best-sellers, impacts of the policy completely failed. Threatening, rumbling and lying works in the real estate market, but the capital of the US remains, despite all the division, a place of compromise.

Trump has exposed, once and for all as an unreliable negotiating partner whose word is not dependable. Even the Republicans were snubbed.

The “Shutdown” is the provisional end point of a pile-up of dramatic headlines. The court proceedings against trump’s Ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen, and his first safety Advisor Mike Flynn. The uproar over the planned withdrawal of troops from Syria and Afghanistan. The abdication of Secretary of defense James Mattis, whose resignation letter was a settlement with the Trumps of the world. The worst U.S. stock market week for ten years.

this is the chaotic end to a chaotic Trump-year – but it is likely to be only a foretaste of what threatens the United States, if Trump is faced, starting in January with a democratic majority in the house of representatives.

What is a “Shutdown”?

US President, Trump

Trump, its base and right-wing commentators applaud the government of a Crash, as a resistance against the political “Establishment”. However, the consequences are far-reaching: Around 800,000 civil servants to remain, of all places, over Christmas, for the time being unpaid, many have to work anyway, such as the Security checkers at the airport.

The trust in the state apparatus collapsed. Because “Shutdowns” have long since become a meaningless Ritual: The parties cannot agree on a tiny aspect of the budget, and poker stop, therefore, with the impending Financing. Mostly it goes wrong.

Trump is the escalated, of course, noticeable. This is already his third “Shutdown”, all three occurred this year. Where he criticized his predecessor, Barack Obama once had for a “Shutdown”, this was in eight years – and had been staged by the Republicans.

what was it again?

the US-Mexican border

this Time, Trump is not alone to blame. In order to keep his crumbling base, where he is now at five billion dollars for the wall, which should previously have to pay once Mexico. To through boxes, he decided to blackmail the Nation.

On Tuesday, when he realized that the claim was not to enforce, rowed back Trump: He would instead seek a bridge financing sign and the wall-money “elsewhere”. But trump’s base rebelled: Conservative TV Talker threatened that he would leave his voters. Prompt Trump made again and renewed his demand that a budget must contain five billion dollars for the wall.

For this he needs but still have the blessing of the Democrats in the Senate, where the budget laws require a minimum of 60 out of 100 votes. Up in the night was tussled, many in the previous senators were coming back for extra again. But the Democrats remained hard. Then the clock struck midnight.

What happens now?

The only way out of this: Trump is small. His two-week Christmas holiday in Florida, to which he made on Friday to leave, has he moved already. The negotiations could, in theory, go this Saturday, the next vote in the Senate would, however, be made at the earliest on Sunday.

Nine ministries and a number of other government offices are under the lame – including the Foreign, Interior, justice, Finance, trade, and the Department of homeland security (including border protection). All of this should drag on until the holidays to suffer from the tourists: The national parks stay open, but unattended.

A very special group, located in the Ministry of justice, works of course – the investigators of the Russia-special investigator Robert Mueller. Their office, a spokesman said, was financed from independent funds – “in the event of a ‘shutdown'”.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.