If you come to Vail in the state of Colorado to the world, you have no other choice. It is the skier’s Paradise of the USA is famous for its Back Bowls, deep snow areas. Here small children to Ski, there is no discussion. Mikaela Shiffrin is skiing so to speak, in the cradle, her parents were ski racers, however, they went only to College-level.

you cannot say to your daughter really.

For Shiffrin it comes to Numbers. On Tuesday, she has in the Italian Kronplatz-plan de Corones your 53. World Cup success celebrated at her next victory, she has caught up with Austrian ski legend Hermann Maier in the statistics. At halftime of the world Cup winter, she has won ten out of 19 women’s race, the record is 14 wins during the season, he is 30 years old and is held by Swiss Vreni Schneider. No one doubts that Shiffrin will exceed this best brand.

In the Slalom, Shiffrin has celebrated more success than the great Alberto Tomba, 37, has just retracted the silent Ingemar Stenmark. Also it is likely to catch up to you this Winter. Shiffrin currently leads the world Cup in the Slalom, giant slalom and Super-G, two runs, she has decided this Winter already. No one in the scene moves as complete as you can. Their dominance is intimidating.

Shiffrins victories belong to the Winter as the snow

The competition, the spectators, the media, all have become accustomed to a Slalom, a giant slalom is only at the end, when Shiffrin completed her second run. Their victories seem a given, as natural, you belong to the Winter as the snow and the Jagertee. And one has long forgotten that this Mikaela Shiffrin is only 23 years young. Your first world Cup points won, since she was just 16.

which one of Shiffrin talks, speaks at some point of Lindsey Vonn. Vonn is the Superstar of Alpine skiing, the Darling of the US Sports, present everywhere, in advertising, through her former relationship with Golfer Tiger Woods reliably even in the colorful leaves. Vonn has amassed more victories than Shiffrin, 82 times you stand in race of the world Cup at the very top, if she wins five more times, it is the most successful Person that has ever been in the world Cup on skis.

you’ll dance in heavy snow

But Vonn is now 34 years old, she stands before her last Winter, in this season, you could not start due to injuries at all, on the weekend she wants to celebrate in Cortina d’ampezzo making a Comeback. All will look this weekend for Lindsey Vonn, Shiffrin will make, however, just do their thing, and probably the next success. In Cortina Super-G, in addition to two departures will omit Shiffrin, on the program. Up until this Winter that she is not yet a Super-G success in your collection. She rescheduled then twice in Lake Louise and St. Moritz.

As you would. on the slalom piste

Vonn hover loves the spot light, her dog Lucy is better known to the Public as some of the Top-Ten-skiers, a drama Queen In terms of ambition, however, is their eleven-year-younger teammate. Vonn is working doggedly to their return to the world Cup, Shiffrin has fiddled focused for many years almost exclusively to be even better, with your team of supervisors to mother Eileen-intensive and intensive, which turns even more elegant. Meanwhile, they look so light, as if it were floating on the slalom piste. But all of that is worked hard for.

A life between the goal Posts, Shiffrin has off of skiing given the journalists have little to Write about. What price has she paid for it, you can keep for a long time and as recently as this Winter made public. In an Interview with the “süddeutsche Zeitung” has she told you about her Doubts, by the pressure of expectation, gave her to create. All expect her to Gold in the Olympic Slalom of Pyeongchang as a matter of course, of course, what else? Shiffrin was Fourth. She has said about her Skileben: “I notice that I pull out Victories no advantage for me and you can’t even celebrate properly.” The victory was only the prelude for the next victory, a propaganda Triumph to Triumph.

in the Meantime, she sought help from sport psychologists. Tennis crack Roger Federer, a kind of Father-figure for many younger athletes, and has advised her “to enjoy the victories more and to take more time to celebrate and Reflect”. Shiffrin has one or the other speed in the race since then, from your appointment calendar is deleted, it is enough competitions already left, you can dominate. Since then, she acts rather superior.

Shiffrin has said: “If I can feel this passion in me to work on it, to be a more complete Skier, I will continue to do.” This is very unfortunate for the competition.

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